Useful modification & maintenance guides -- clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

This list is an attempt to clean up the mods and maintenance section and to make more information easier to find for new and veteran modders alike.


How to Clean Your Bearing
How to Clean Rusty Bearings
Bearing Cleaning: Paper Slip Method
Paper cleaning method for bearings

How to Deshield a Bearing
Lube - What Can I Use To Lube My Yoyo
How do I fix a suddenly responsive bearing?

Common Yoyo Bearing Sizes
Alternative bearing removal method
How to remove a stuck bearing - using a rod
How to remove a stuck bearing - string method
How to remove bearings


Common Yoyo Axle Sizes
Double Nut method to Remove an Axle
How to remove a yoyo axle using a drill
How to tune a yo-yo with a set screw axle

Response Pads / Stickers

Flowable Silicone: FAQ
Need help applying silicone to your yoyo?
Creating BAZ/CHAZPADS for older throws


How to tie a loop on the end of a yoyo string
When should I change my string?

Dying, Painting, Polishing

How to dye a yoyo
If you dye yo yos read this
Acetone and RIT method
How To Paint A YoYo
How To Polish Aluminum
How To Strip and Polish a Metal YoYo
How to Satin Yo-Yos
Stripping a Show Girl (Stripping and Polishing a Yoyo)
How i polish yoyos


Re-tapping/re-threading axles

Making your own stuff

Lathe Buying Guide
Making Your String Rig More Efficient - Tips and Tricks
String making introduction mega-thread. New to this craft? Start here!


How to properly care for TA-Tas
How to properly hubstack your YYF yo-yo
How to tune a yo-yo with a hex bolt axle
Tutorial on how to make shims
How to remove spacers attached to your bearing
How do you get spacers off a fast 201?
Bearing seat problem?
A Permanent Fix for YYF Spacers
Yomega Raider Looping Mod
How to get great recesses with a drill

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Just got a plastic yoyo with press fit metal rims and one of them kind of popped off. So I put it in the freezer for like 30min and I was able to press it back on.

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