How to remove a stuck bearing

This is it, fully insert the rod, rock the bearing around in a circle a few times and it comes out. Don’t pull much at all.
Notice how tight the bearing seats are when I unscrew and screw the yoyo back together.
I don’t know the size of rod, but you can find out by taking a bearing or yoyo (with the size bearing you want one for), with you to the hardware store. It should cost you less then 2$ don’t pay more. Get one about the length of a ink pen.
Even if you don’t have a stuck bearing this is a nice way to handle your bearings. So it would be a good idea to pick one up as well.
Hope this helps out. Seen a lot of post recently about stuck bearings.


Good stuff.

It’s been added to the List of useful modification and maintenance guides in this section

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What if there is a bearing and an axle on the same half?

Grab some pliers and twist the axle out.

Use a metal tube if the bearing is on the axle side. Pliers tend to crush axle threads.

Well with some yoyos you can use the hex key to take them out, if there is no nipple cap. Like yoyofactory yoyos.

If both the hex key is the side stuck in the hole, and you can’t get to the other side, then removing the axle can be hard.

You can get it out with two nuts that will screw onto it, if there is enough space to let it happen. What you do is screw one on as far as you can, then screw the next one on, and tighten them against each other. It will make it so you can then just put the wrench on the bottom nut and unscrew the axle.

Another good option in this instance is using a hollow tube to take the bearing out.

The last option is taking plyers and just unscrewing it. If you use alot of layers of rubberband, or T-shirt you can, have a better chance at getting it off with out messing up the threads. (I like to make sure my axle and bearings are secured on the opposite sides of each other for this reason.)
Even if I thought I got an axle out that way with out harming the threads I would go buy a new one anyhow. They are called set screws. you can get them at the hardware store. Take the axle you got out of your yoyo and go buy an axle the same size and threading as the one you pulled out. If you don’t know how just ask one of the workers.

The reason I would replace it anyhow is, most set screws are made of steel, and the body of most yoyos with set screws as axles, are made of aluminum. So if the threads are messed up on the axle it will defenetly do at least some damage to the threads in the yoyo body. Even if it is only a little.

Hope this helps.

I would rather rip off my eye lid with a pair of pliers than to use a pair on a $30 bearing!!

you quoted a discussion on removing the axle, then talked about a bearing.