need help with my bearings!!

hey guys,

a couple of weeks ago i bought a protostar and its all good but the bearing and axle wont come out? it spins perfectly fine but i cant take either of them out… i just bought a dv888 and the exact same problem occured. None of my other yoyos are like this so i was wondering if anyone can help.


Yoyofactory yoyo bearings are known to be very tight. Just grab your pliers and wiggle and wiggle and wiggle. Don’t squeeze or else you’ll break your bearing. Just tight enough and wiggle. It’ll come right off. It’ll take time, but patience.

oh thanks i might just try that :slight_smile:

ill let you know if i get it.

I’d watch it with the axle. The bearing, yes, a pair of pliers will have that right off. But the axle, it’s really easy to strip threads trying pliers like this. Your axle may have a hex pattern tip that allows you to insert an allen wrench, and that’s the way you want to do it. If it doesn’t have that I’d probably just leave it in. Whatever you do, don’t try and screw the yoyo onto a stripped axle because you might damage the yoyo’s thread and then you’ve got a real problem.

i can get both bearings out with pliers now but they are still pretty tight is there any way to make them easier to get out without the use of pliers everytime?

You could take a small file like a nail file and file the bearing seat A LITTLE BIT. Don’t go crazy as you can always take a little more material off, but you can never put a little more material back on

If removing the axle is necessary, just take the bearing off that half, place two nuts of the correct size onto the axle and tighten the nuts against each other. Now you can place a wrench on one nut and unscrew the axle safely.

So easy to do and incredibly safe ;D.

The yoyo factory tool is great at removing bearings and spacers if you have those too. Plus it comes with an Allen key that fits most axles on the end and helps with removal and a string cutter. Awesome little tool. You should really pick one up. I use it on all my yos not just my yoyofactorys.

Yikes! Considering how important the bearing seat is to balance, I would think hard before attempting this, especially since there is no major problem in this case.

Frankly I’ve never had much luck using the allen key to remove an axle unless it was really loose in the first place. I always use the double nut method skitrz described.

Using a piece of 300 grit wet/dry paper (used wet) rubbed around the bearing seat will loosen it up a bit and not have any deleterious effect on the yoyo.

In a pinch you can use the chuck end of a 1/4 inch drill bit wrapped with a cloth or some electrical tape to place inside a standard C size bearing, wiggle and it should come out. The bearing tools you find on yye are this size and work well but if you need the job done right away this is something that may be accessible. If the axle is in the way just unscrew it before proceeding.