I Need Some Help With a Stuck BEARING!

hey, i just got a new dv888 and the bearing is stuck, i know i don’t have to remove is immediately but it would be helpful if i new how to remove a stuck bearing. i was pretty interested in that trick where you use old string to remove it or something. i’m not really sure how to do that though. if have any tips or know how to remove a stuck bearing with string please help. thanks.

thats only on hubstacks. use plyers.

There is a way where  you wrap the string around the bearing seat then turn the yoyo together.  it will cause the bearing to get stuck on the string side.  then you pull the string and the bearing comes off.  How ever I have only ever known this to work with yoyojams.  On a dv888 I am unsure it would work. 

If you’ve never used pliers just be gentle and use a slight rocking back and forth motion

The absolute best way to remove a stuck axle with minimal damage to the axle, in my experience is to do the following:

  1. Pick up two nuts that will thread on to the axle. On most yoyos, YYF included, this is an M4x0.7 nut. You can find these at Home Depot, OSH, etc. It’ll cost you about $2.
  2. Thread one nut halfway down the stuck axle.
  3. Thread the second nut down the stuck axle until it sits just on top of the first nut.
  4. Grab the first nut, the one closest to the yoyo with a set of needle nose pliers. Do not grab the top nut.
  5. Turn. The bottom nut will push against the top nut and allow you to remove the axle.

The big benefit to this method is that you don’t risk either bending or stripping the threads on the axle by gripping it with pliers. I’ve used this successfully on axles which would otherwise be impossible to remove.


He’s asking for help with a stuck bearing, not a stuck axle. But if you ever do have a stuck axle, ^^ is the best way to remove it.

Ah my bad! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah for bearing, i would just use a bearing removal tool… or if you don’t have one of those, just look in any drill bit set and use the ‘non-drill’ end to insert into the bearing hole and wiggle free.


Thanks so much!!! i finally got it by going with the drill bit.