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News and information from your favorite YoYoExpert manufacturers!

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Have a new Yo-Yo Trick to show off? Stuck on something? Give advice, learn, and ask here.

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Yo-Yo Mods and Maintenance

Have a cool way to improve your yo-yo? Not sure how to keep it in perfect shape? Or want to ask how to improve or “Mod” it? Talk about it here!

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Welcome to the YoYoExpert Buy, Sell & Trade. Looking for a specific yo-yo or want to trade something you have? This is the place to do it. Let’s keep it simple with some basic rules:

Forum Chat W/ The Pros!

A place to discuss who to bring on next to chat and an archive of guests we have had on YoYoExpert!

Yo-Yo Exhibition

Everything about displaying your new gear or showing off your yo-yo art work

Up & Coming Manufacturers

Manufacturers who are not currently being sold on YoYoExpert, we welcome all of you here as a place to promote your new ideas and products. This is a place to share and get feedback. However, this is not a place to ‘sell’ your new product!

Kendama General Discussions

A great place for talking about Kendama. Tips and tricks, Kendama videos, etc.

Spin Top General Discussions

A great place for talking about any and all skill toys. Diabolo, Juggling and much more.

Skill Toy Discussions

Talk about Juggling, Diabolos, Frisbee, Poi and any other skill toys.

Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!

Show us where you put your sticker and you could win one of our monthly prizes.

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Feel free to talk about non yo-yo related material - get to know each other, what video games you play, favorite sports, tv shows, etc.

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