bearing string removal gone wrong

well did the string trick to get a bearing out now there is poly strung stuck under my bearing and it wont spin anymore

Clean the axle probably your best choice.

my problem is string under my bearing and the bearing can’t be removed atm the axles can come out with ease

Three words.

Bearing. Removal. Tool. Wiggle. Not. Pull.

Ok, maybe I used six words, but you get the idea.

^ this. or if you don’t have one then do this.
if the axle is on the side of the bearing then remove it. find an allen wrench that fits in the inner race nice and snug, with very little play. just wiggle the wrench until the bearing comes out!

this explains it more in depth:,24413.0.html this tut. uses a metal rod but both the rod + the allen wrench work.

or a 1/4" drill bit works well, it’s what I used before I had a yyf multitool.

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That makes no sense at all.

The string trick never works -__-

The 1/4" drill bit probably works better than the multi-tool. That bit of extra length gives you a lot more leverage.


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Yoyo scratched? Clean the yoyo. String snapped? Clean the string. Etc.

I’m confused. My problem was yyf’s bearing seats the axle was fine.

I believe a couple of people here are.

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Get the bearing out with Pliers Bearing removal tool or a Drill Bit. Then pull the string off and put the bearing back in. I always use pliers, the best option (for me anyways). :slight_smile:

I always always use the cylinder through the middle (ie drill bit or bearing removal tool). Too much chance to damage something unexpected when you put a pair of pliers in my hands.

Well, it works for me, I am not rough with my stuff.

Get some needle nose plairs, and put the round part around the bearing dont squeeze! Just grab the bearing somewhat firmly and wiggle it back and forth. Get the string out and clean your bearing