bearing WILL NOT come off

i am using a carbon and the bearing will not come out
i am using pilers i have put it in the fezzer for 1 min. and 10 mins.
and i know of no other way to get it out

is it on the axle side?

but the axel is to small to do the string trick

hhhmmmm… pliers

can you take the axle out? and is it a c sized bearing? I’m not familiar with the carbon

If so though, you can just either a: Unscrew the axle, put a 1/4" drill bit in the hole, and wiggle until it’s out.
b: (if the axle is stuck) use a bearing removal tool or a similar 1/4" tube. I found a tube at a home depot for less than 50 cents.

or maybe you could go to a hardware store and get a longer axle to try the string trick with.

with the pliers, are you doing a back and forth motion, or just a pulling motion?
If nothing works, try contacting rec rev or wherever you bought it from. they might be able to do something for you.

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Whats the String trick???

Take the axle out and try the freezer trick again, A bearing removal tool will work better then plyers. A drill bit the right size will work in place of a bearing removal tool.

i use the Circular hole thing near the base of the pliers and it comes off fine (so long as the axle doesn’t get in the way). some force may be required.

1/4 drill bit.

At the rate this is going:

C4 and stand back.

Results may vary.

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Wiggle, don’t pull

thank you finnaly got it out
anywho i am wiggleing but it isnt working

There are two different schools of thought on this.

  1. Use the center hole to wiggle the bearing free. This is done by inserting a slightly smaller-diameter cylinder (like a bearing removal tool) into the hole and wiggling the bearing free.

  2. Use pliers to grip the bearing on the outside and wiggle the bearing free. This best done using an ordinary kitchen rubber-glove to cover the bearing. This allows the pliers to grip the bearing sleeve without scratching or ruining the bearing. It is also best to use the kind of pliers that have curved jaws that fit nicely around the bearing perimeter. Wiggle in a circular motion - be patient.

These bearings are made to take quite a bit of force - so do not be afraid to use some elbow grease. You shouldn’t need to get Conan about it though :slight_smile:

All in all - the $ invested in a bearing removal tool will be well spent.

yeah i need one badly!!!

you can get the equivalent at a hardware store for about 50 cents. just look in their nuts and bolts section, they should have a draw that has these tube things. I think they were called metal spacers. they’re about 1" long, and they come in 1/4" (the size for c and b size bearing)


usually i just go to my home depot and use the rod and leave. no money required :slight_smile:

While a neat idea, what if you want to save the convenience of having to take a trip every time you need to pull a bearing?

I’d rather just have a bearing puller tool in my yoyo box, ready to go when I am. Doesn’t matter if it’s part of some multi-tool set either, as long is gets the job done.