I have a new sine // saw, and the bearing died. I have tried EVERYTHING!!! HELP!


“everything” is a bit vague. I assumed you tried pliers, so I wont bother with that. freeze it and try again.


Done it


Remove the axle. A 4 mm Allen wrench (some people call it a “hex key”) is the industry standard now. If you can’t find that, take the yo-yo to a hardware store, and show them the yo-yo axle, and explain that you want it removed.

Fine a .250" “metal round thing”.

I have a YYF Multi-tool, and the bearing-remover has yet to fail me, even when others have tried on the exact same yo-yo with the exact same tool. But a 1/4" drill bit has also done the trick for me in the past. Just protect your hand from the sharp parts that you will be gripping, and put the smooth side into the inner race of the bearing.

Then slowly wiggle side to side, so you are just barely able to get the inner race to budge. The first one will be the toughest to do. Just go slowly, work in small increments, again just enough to barely have the inner race move. And don’t give up when the bearing does not come out immediately.

It’s a bit of a process, but once you learn it correctly, you will never have to ask for help removing a bearing again.

Then put a bit of thin lube on the next bearing you put in to your sine // saw.



Why dont you have the yoyo tool? Did u try that? Like the yyf tool? Why do you wanna remove your bearing? There might be another way to fix your problem


It needed cleaning, and i have destroyed it teying to get it out

I have the multitool. I have been working at it for hours. Nothing.


Can you get it slightly off so that it is still on but crooked? If you can get it that far, put string under it, then shimmy it till it comes off. That’s what I did for one of my bearings.

Tell me if that works.


Cant :frowning:


Put in freezer wait several min, put some pliers and wiggle back and forth.


I get my dad grab my multi tool show the problem he usually gets the bearing out.


Have a funeral for the bearing and then move on with a new bearing.

You tried everything? What is the issue? Did you lube the heck out of it? Did you use pliers? Freezer? Bearing puller?(some combination of those?) Assuming you removed it, did you clean it properly?

More information please.

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Throw the yoyo away.


Don’t use a bearing, throw a yo-yo axle only, iss what i do.


Lube? I havent lubed it.


I usuually lick mine, then sprinkle some cayenne pepper on it so the bearings heats up and expands, then boom! Pops rightt off. But a multitool may wrk better, or vice grip pliers :wink:

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If it’s still stuck Sunday, I’ll get it out for you.


K thx. Its usable, just loud and anoyying and vibey


Wouldn’t heat make it get stuck more?


No heat expands metal and loosens the bearing from the seat.


Aluminum has a faster expansion rate than steel. That is why it is best to freeze the yo-yo.