Bearing is actually stuck

My shake had a death grip bearing seat initially, but was solved with a simple toss in the freezer.

Days ago, I unscrewed it to clean the bearing
It stayed on the other half of the yoyo, but I doubted anything would change. I popped it in the freezer, and tried taking it out, to no avail

FF 3 days later, I’ve spent a solid hour wiggling it with pliers, and have tried every increment of one in the freezer from 5-15 min multiple times.


Do you have a multi tool? It’s usually much more effective to use the tool to remove a bearing than pliers, it also reduces the risk of damaging the bearing. If you don’t have a tool you can also use a 1/4 inch drill bit (flat side) or metal rod the same way. Just place inside bearing and rock back and forth and the bearing should start to wiggle off.

Once the bearing is off I would recommend sanding down the bearing seats a little to prevent the bearing from getting stuck in the future.

If it’s really stuck and you can’t get it then feel free to give us a call or send an email and we can help you out.

With pliers I can feel the bearin move eer so slightly

I have a mulitool, but don’t feel it’s very effective

Vice Grips FTW? …but yah, maybe you should try Tech Support first?

Cant someone just “tech support” me here? :slight_smile:

Dude, just jam that multi-tool in there and start wiggling! I thought you were supposed to spin the bearing loose when I first started, so I know for a fact that the bearing tool can really get stuck inside a bearing. If anything, the 1/4" metal rod should work, just get a bit and the longer length should give you more leverage

Sigh, i wish it would be that easy…
The multi tool does nothing, and i don’t have any drillbits here (my dad’s place does tho)

If the bearing is really that stuck then you can always send it back to use to take a look at. Just call or email to arrange for a return and we can remove the bearing and sand down the seats a little so it doesn’t continue to be a problem.

Crush it with pliers and consider the bearing a loss and move on.

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A similar thing happened to my shutter and that’s what I did. It didn’t matter because the bearing (from what I remember) was kinda crappy. :stuck_out_tongue: