Ridiculously Stuck bearing

Omg! This bearing is so stuck! I’ve been at it for an hour. I have a C3 Dark Sonic. I’ve tried the freezer for 30 min, didn’t work, string method, thought it was going to strip the axle, tried using pliers with circular indent, kept slipping, tried using drill bit, just a tad bit loose but the next size up is too big, and i don’t have a bearing remover. Please somebody anybody help me, Please.

Try using a rag maybe and use that for the pliers to grip.

For the pliers, any kind will work, you need to squeeze AS HARD as you can. Or at least really really hard. Then rock left and right a little then a little more and it should come off.

Is there anything unusual stuck in the bearing seat forcing it to not come out?

Does the bearing really need to come out? Why do you want it out?

Wiggle, don’t pull. This is the single most important bit of information when it comes to bearing removal.

Try putting it in the freezer for 15 minutes. The aluminium shrinks faster than steel, but if you keep it in too long, the steel will shrink just as much.

I’ve been wiggling with pliers all this time and I’ve used plastic and a rag to grip. I’ve removed a bunch of other stuck bearings but this one is just way too stuck. I think there might be something in between the bearing seat and the bearing. Is there anyway i can somehow remove the gunk?

Not really, it’s probably pinched pretty tightly between the bearing and the seat.

I’d say get a proper fitting drillbit and then try to wiggle it out, or order a bearing removal tool.

You don’t even have to buy one, just go to lowes and Borrow one ;).

I’m using a 1/4 drill bit, its what’s been recommended. I can’t really go and borrow from Lowes or Homedepot cause i cant drive and they’re pretty far away. Is there any other way? Does anyone know if C3 still has bearing removers? Also thanks for replying guys.

You can order a YYF bearing removal tool. Probably the best tool you’re gonna find.

I find the multi-tool is good for many stuck bearings, but when the bearing is really stuck(such as in a YYF metal… go figure!), this tool simply fails. I need a bearing puller. I have the YYF tool, plus a C3 bearing puller(which is my go-to) and a X3 bearing puller that handles C and Euro-C bearings. The C3 really snugs itself up on the inner race and the longer length gives me more leverage for wiggling the bearing out.

Regardless of which method chosen though, the term bearing puller is misleading. Bearings must be wiggled loose, be it via a bearing puller, tube, drill bit or pliers. Patience is your #1 friend for these tasks.

Worst comes to worst, i have a method which has always worked for me.

I suggest not doing this unless you sre going to clean the besring right afterwords, or the bearing being removed is junk. Get a can of wd 40, and give it a squirt into the area you would place the axle, but make sure it also fills the bearing seat. I suggest not going for the bearing seat directly, because that increases the chance of more wd 40 getting into your bearing. Now let it sit for 5 minutes, and after that put a thin rag around the bearing and wiggle it off with pliers.

If this worked for me by removing a trifecta bearing off yoyofactory deathgrips, it should work for you :wink:

Just an FYI - getting WD40 in the bearing is not going to hurt or damage it.

It wont, but it will slow it down if not cleaned after a while, in my experience.

I thought the whole purpose of his wanting to get the bearing out was to clean it…