stuck bearing & YYF one

my mutant dna’s bearing is stuck and i have the bearing remover it just wont come out

it takes practice.

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there are a few ways I know of to do it.

  1. Plyers. gently rock back and forth
  2. Bearing removal tool/drill bit/1/4" pipe of any kind. just put the rod on the inner part, rock back and forth until it’s out.
  3. The string method. I’ll post a video for this one.


Or if you’re really unlucky like I was with my yuuksta and it just won’t come out, send it to yyf if it’s still under warranty.

I used the string trick last night to remove the smaller bearing from my ONE to swap it with the smaller YYJ bearing that came with my DM2 to see if the DM2 bearing was any quieter.

Turns out the ONE also acts as an amplifier! Both bearings are smooth and spin rather quiet. I just put it all back together when I was done the way I found it.

so one day, i put the slim bearing in my one, and i can’t get it out. when i use pliers, the outer race wiggles and im afraid ill break it. what should i do?

As noted above - wiggle it a bit.

did you try the string trick? or a metal rod?

Try to use pliers, and remember to wiggle with a slight pull force. The outer race “wiggles” but that’s a normal reaction. The outer race shouldn’t break off the bearing easily.

This works with any yoyo