Need Help on Removing my Yoyo's Stuck Bearing

My YoyoJam bearing is stuck and won’t come off. I tried using pliers but it didn’t work. Does anybody know any other methods that work?

Pliers will work, but don’t just pull. Wiggle it back and forth. Gently and patiently. If you can adjust the hinge of the pliers, use a wide setting for a good grip. I like to put something in between the pliers and the bearing so it doesn’t get messed up.


… And just for future reference, this should be in the maintenance section. So it will probably be moved soon…

there’s a post about this in the maintenance section in the first couple threads. like literally the first thread right now.

There are many threads like this in the Modificationan and Maintenance board. Go search there. Just use pliers and wiggle back and forth with a slight pull motion.

If not, trying using the string method. There is a video somewhere on youtube but I can’t find it.

Or use that 1/4 inch method thing. Oh, it shows this on one of the stickied threads on Modification and Maintenance board.