bearing stuck!!!

My brand new supernova lite’s bearing won’t come off! I already tried using pliers and drill bits. Please help me!

Wiggle, don’t pull.

I tried. The yoyo has a raised circular section that goes in the middle of the bearing when you put it in. It’s higher than the one on my protostar.

Use the circle near the hinge of needle nose pliers. that will give you a better grip on the bearing.

Keep trying pliers:

1.) Grab the bearing horizontally with the pliers.
2.) Grab.
3.) Wiggle and pull up (pliers still horizontal).

Perfectly normal. If you are patient and wealthy enough, you can buy a bearing removal tool or a 1/4 drill bit, cheap but better yet nice. Thing though, the drill but can’t take bearings that are stuck in the axle side. If so, then use pliers or said that a special size tube works.

3 ways (I know of)

  1. Pliers. don’t use too much pressure, but wiggle back and forth until it’s out.
  2. any 1/4" rod. 1/4" drill bit, bearing removal tool, or a pipe you can find at like home depot. Again, don’t apply too much pressure, and wiggle back and forth until it’s out.
  3. The string method. this is harder to explain, so I’ll just post a video.

If none of these work, then uh… either a) keep trying until they do, or b) send it back in because it might be stuck. had this happen with a yuuksta, and yyf ended up replacing it.

Thaks guys! I tried the pliers, it didn’t work, but I think it loosened it, cause the next day I opened the yoyo and the bearing was already partially off. I could just pul it of with my fingers at that point. Once again, thank you! ;D