Super Stuck Yoyo Bearing?


So yesterday I was yoyoing and suddenly the yoyo went silent (barely made any noise like usual) and I realized something was wrong. I opened up yoyo and found bearing stuck (I know it happens). Also the bearing was barely spinning so I knew it was time to clean it (it’s funny how I just got the yoyo a few days ago and bearing already needs cleaning). I managed to get the bearing out with a plier and then decided to put it back in the yoyo because I decided to clean it later. So now, the bearing is stuck again and this time it’s not coming out with a plier and is super stuck. I’ve tried wiggling but it’s not working now. I tried the freezer method and didn’t really work. I don’t want to buy a multi tool or use drill or anything like that. Any ideas? And if I do get the bearing out, I was going to do the paper cleaning method because I don’t have any lighter fluids in house, and also thought of using dish soap or something.


You can’t get it out with pliers? Dang! Be persistent but careful. I’ve never heard of someone using dish soap but it doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Do you have any kind of compressed air or anything? After the paper method you could try to spray anything else out with air. I would personally just go buy some lighter fluid or something but it’s up to you how you want to confront the issue.


What do you have against using a drill bit? See the video here, you can substitute a 1/4 in. drill bit for the rod he uses.

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I’ve ruined a pretty expensive bearing by removing it with pliers, something I’ve done for years, until one day I found a yoyo that is super tight.
Simply because I don’t want to spend on a proper removal tool.
The proper way to remove a bearing is by wiggling the inner race, NOT the outer race.