Removing shutter bearing without remover tool


I need to clean my bearing but I don’t have a remover tool to take it out with. Is there a safe way to do it without one?


Drill bit


How with a drill bit


get a 1/4th drill bit and wiggle it around with it.


What I do is cover the bearing with toilet paper and use pliers to pry it off.


I do this too, it helps a lot! :slight_smile:


Don’t use pliers!

Worst thing

Best way to ruin a bearing. When you use pliers on the outside of a bearing; you are putting stress on the guts of the bearing.

It is sometimes ok if the bearing is just lightly stuck. It ‘is’ possible to just carefully wiggle it off. But if you have to really wiggle the heck out of it; your bearing will be in worse shape than it was before you tried taking it out.

Trust me. I’ve been modding yoyos for over 16 years now. And being a Mechanic; even if I knew nothing about yoyos; I know a few things about bearings.

The drill bit is the ticket…


Same as with a bearing removal tool.
You could look it up here: Useful modification and maintenance guides - Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos