stuck bearing


So I was throwing my yoyojam journey, until when it was time to clean the bearing, the bearing was stuck, on the half with the axle! Does anybody know how to take out the bearing on that side? :-\


yyf tool, or a .25 in drill bit, or just be careful and use pliers


Try looking here…,17792.0.html

You might have to get that axle out first…


There’s a lot of good info in the link Mofoya posted. Take a look.

The Journey has a plastic bearing seat so just grabbing the bearing lightly with a pliers and gently rocking it should do the trick.


Yeah. You can probably remove it using pliers, but you should be very careful not to put too much pressure on it (it’s very easy to damage the bearing).  If it’s a reoccuring thing with your yoyo you can pick up a yoyo multitool here:  These are pretty nice and definitely worth the $6 IMHO.


those don’t work very well for really stuck bearings