How to take out bearing

I know this might sound stupid but I just started yoyoing but how do you take out a bearing ???


More specifically, take a pair of pliers, preferably with the circular wire cutting thing near the middle, grab the bearing, and rock the pliers side to side/back and forth until the bearing loosens enough to be pulled out.

Or one of these:

Brute V2

I either use plyers, and rock it back and forth
or I take a 1/4" drill bit, and put the back end into the bearing, and do the same back and forth motion. either way works
but sometimes if I’m using like a lyn fury or something where the axle doesn’t come out, I’ll have to use plyers.

Depending on the size of your bearing you can use a socket set or a wrench set. Pliers can scratch the bearing if its not perfectly right. If its a size C bearing try use a 12 or 13 mm socket or wrench or whatever fits snug on your bearing and than just rock back and forth and it should pop off with out damage.

Should a bearing require a tool to be removed?

Granted, I’m new to this whole thing, but I’ve got several ball bearing yoyos and none of them have required a tool for removal.

My favorite, being a Dark Magic II, gives me no problem removing the bearing. In fact, I’m cleaning the thin bearing tomorrow.

This Chinese POS yoyo that someone sent me, well, the way it’s constructed, no tool is required to remove that bearing.

I also have a Yomega Exodus II(the rubber rims let me continue to throw while my hand appreciates the softer smack as it starts to recover from the Dark Magic II’s metal rims), and it also has a ball bearing.

I suppose if the YYF ONE’s I ordered(for myself and for my kids) needs a bearing removal tool for easier removal, I’ll go order it with my next purchase from here in a few weeks.

you don’t need a bearing removal tool. simple plyers or a 1/4" (for c size bearing) rod will work. And it really just depends on the bearing and the yoyo. like for my lyn fury, I always need to use plyers. whereas with my dm2 or my code 1, the bearing sits loose enough to just take out.

If you need a tool to get a bearing out of a metal yoyo
you either have a bad bearing or a bad yoyo.
Maybe both.

I’m one of those “Right tool for the right job” people. In my line of work, having the correct tools can make all the difference. I have special tools for my inline skates and have built specialized tools for certain things within my audio rig and have other small specialized tools that I have in a plastic case.

(This is opposed to my in-laws, who always go the extra mile to choose the wrong tool for the job. Please do not make me share stories of intentional stupidity!)

I just wanted to make sure my stuff was “within norm”, which it appears to be. I’ll maybe just go ahead and buy a bearing removal tool anyways and keep it in the case with my other yoyo supplies(lube, bearings, strings, response items and stuff like that). It ain’t that much money.

Yes some manufacturers run very tight tollerances, so you will end up with bearings that are hard to pull.  Nothing wrong with that, you may find another bearing that fit’s more loose if you don’t like it.  Personaly I like it.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with a bearing fitting tight.  Said this yesterday I will say it again today.  I don’t consider my lug nuts “stuck” just because I need to use a tool to get them off.  Same with my bearing in my yoyos. 
Rocking a bearing from the outside will put a ton of pressure on small little weak parts inside the bearing, so you should remove it from the inside.  like the video I posted.

Non ABEC rated or “utility” bearings have larger or smaller physical dimensions then those specified. The higher the number the smaller the window.
The 188ZZ bearing is not a press fit bearing nor a lug nut.
Press it hard and you can stop it. Surprising how little it takes.