Bearing Removal Tool

Guys my YYF 44 (2pcs.) just arrived yesterday,i want to remove the flat bearing and change it to kk ones but after using pliers for hours yet nothing happened i think the bearing is stucked. I don’t used to play with flat bearings because it gives me a hard time to execute my tricks properly with comfort that’s why im obliged to install kk bearings on my yoyos before the PNYYC 2010 (Our nationals will be held Jan 29 and 30 2011 due to full mall venue sched).

I just need some advise how to remove it,i want to buy a bearing removal tool but i dont have anymore money left after paying $35 worth of tax just to claim my YYF 44s im totally broke now i dont know if my new year is going to be happy or not i really didn’t expect this to happen. Any alternative tool to suggest?Like a home made bearing removing tool,hoping for help im from Philippines.

Oh, all my YoyoFactory metals have almost irremovable bearings. The Bearing on my boss is stuck till this day, even when I stopped worrying about crushing the bearing and gripped it with pliers using my full strength.

Get a piece of 1/4" rod or tubing. The back side of a 1/4" drill bit will work as will 1/4" metal tubing. The tubing even allows you to remove bearings that are stuck on the axle side.

My 44 is broke because of trying to remove to bearing. I pulled it up just a tad and it wouldn’t clamp back down on the other bearing seat. I wouldn’t worry about it, because if you break it like I did then sorry. But YYF will replace it if it breaks. But anyways ya there is a gap between the bearing and the and side of the bearing seat causing major vibe and tilt and many broken strings. But YYF is sending me a Boss or Chaotic to replace it ;D.

What this guy said. :slight_smile:
I am not totaly sure on the size but it sounds right.

Oh i don’t have a drill,how sad but i don’t want to take a risk my 44 to be destroyed. Im not even sure if YYF is going to replace it because it’ll cost so much dollar to send a yoyo from U.S. to Philippines,i hope YYF is reading this maybe its a pretty much consideration for their customer/s to send a YYF Bearing Removing Tool rather than replacing a $85 yoyo and so on am I right?Im not telling them what to do but this kind of problem isn’t my fault,thanks for the replies.

I hope they could send me a YYF Bearing Removing Tool,imagine I can’t silicone it when the pads worn out that’s why I can’t enjoy playing with even I have two of them. God help me.

How will this work? If you put the tube over, then you just have a tube over the bearing… if you pull… nothing happens except the tube comes off… ???

As for James… what pliers are you using? Use this one: The little hole in it, near the fulcrum, is what you grip the bearing with, gives you great grip. Then, just hold the pliers there, and use your other hand to grab the yoyo and rock it from side to side. No pulling, just rock it. Eventually the bearing should loosen up and that’s when you pull it out.

Or you can use: the parallel-ness of the teeth really help you grip, although the one above will probably be better for gripping.

Key: Don’t pull, rock that yoyo! ;D

The tubing or drill rod fits inside the inner race of the bearing. Then you rock the rod or tubing to one side and the bearing pops off. It’s simple, easy, safe, and effective.


Thanks for the advise,im gonna buy a new different pliers then if it still doesn’t work maybe i need to sell more strings so that i can save up money for the removing tool,i hope God is listening and im praying for it.

my tried-and-true method, especially with my 44 and 888, is pretty simple. use a standard pair of needle-nose pliers. use the circle-gap that’s cut into them. if you want to be extra careful and protect the bearing, wrap something around it before you grip it. any type of cloth or tape will do. grip it firmly with the pliers, then rock back and forth as you pull firmly away from the yo-yo. it might take a minute but it should work. don’t pull too hard and don’t rock too drastically. solid back and forth rocks with a steady, firm pull should eventually do the trick. if that doesn’t work, spray it with WD40 or another lubricant, then try it again. but, once you remove the bearing, you want to clean the axle and bearing seat really well before you put another bearing in.

also, if you really want that flat bearing gone and don’t care about it, you can apply a little more pressure as you try to remove it. you might leave marks/grooves in the bearing, but if you aren’t going to use it again, it shouldn’t matter.

for the record, i’m NOT endorsing the statement that KK/center trac/grooved/wing bearings make any tricks easier. but, to each their own :slight_smile:

Don’t buy more pliers they won’t do to much good unless you have done it like 1000 times and can take any bearing out. Go to a hardware store and get 1/4 inch metal tubing, steel, copper, aluminum, ect. It doesn’t matter but that is all a YYF bearing tool is, except they put holes in them so you can attach it to a key ring.

Here’s a description and picture of using a rod to remove the bearing. (Scroll to bottom of page)

Just a concern… using WD40 on your bearing will probably gum up your bearing… because WD40 leaves a substance in the bearing…

And is it 1/4" inner diameter or outer? EDIT: Oh I see the picture… so it’s OD…

BTW, would this work if your axle is stuck on the same side as the bearing?

Not a problem - just clean it.

Yes - IFF you use a steel tube instead of a rod.

just go buy a short piece of rod it won’t cost much.
Here is a video on how to use it.