Genesis bearing seat impossible..

I have tried everything folks, pliers, freezer, yyf multi tool, and even the string trick my god…
the string trick effed me over cause the bearing was stubborn enough to not be able to come off with the string trick together with multi tool yanking on it. So sadly now I have string just stuck under the bearing that wont come off…

just ranting unless others have some miracle solutions. I’ve attempted removal at least 5 times desperately in the life of the yoyo, kindda regret it a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I had this problem with an avant garde. Putting the yoyo in the freezer then attempting to remove it should work. This is because the aluminum shrinks even so slightly when cold and stainless steel does not. So it ahould give you better ability to remove it.

I sometimes have luck with the string trick with one difference. I use 20# fishing line in place of the string (edit: last time smaller 12# worked well also.) If you have string stuck there already, there’s probably enough gap to slip a piece of line in there. I’d loop the line around the seat a couple times and pull it with pliers, or maybe wrap the free ends around the pliers handle to pull.

It’s worth a try anyway. Good luck.

Try using an allen wrench or just the other half of the yoyo instead of the bearing removal tool, you can get a much better grip on either of those than the actual multitool.

I assume the yoyo is unplayable now because you got string stuck in there? If so and my 2 suggestions don’t work I’d just try pliers again and if it doesn’t work, destroy the bearing to get it off so you can put on another bearing and have a functional yoyo again.

If you dont care about the bearing, just grab a hand vice grip and smash the bearing off, then sand down the bearing seat.

Bad news bears

My thought exactly…

I wouldn’t count on that bearing being any good at this point anyway.
It’s time to just Vice-Grip it off.

Don’t wiggle the removal tool, pull it too one side as hard as you can then pull to the opposite side until it comes off.

Put a couple drops of wd-40 in the center. Specifically where the post and bearing meet. Let it sit, longer the better.

Use a bearing removal tool or something that fits as close as possible to it and nice and easy work it off.

Using pliers and vice grips will classify you as a hack!!!

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I will try one last time!!!

Will freeze it quite a bit longer since you convinced me with the steel does not shrink part! how long may i ask is a good time to freeze?

Then I will use the pliers to pull this mofo off… wish me luck!!!

PS sadly the string is like somehow squashed beyond belief that there seems to be no gap between the yoyo side and bearing, it kindda um cut the string lol… so no string trick working at the moment.

1/4 in drill bit works every time. Maybe freeze it and try that.

Would you care to explain in detail or send me a link?

Im guessing that would break my bearing?

Use the hexagonal part that goes into the drill as a removal tool I’m assuming.

Go here: Useful modification and maintenance guides - Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

Then scroll down to: How to remove a stuck bearing - using a rod.

Note there’s a lot of other useful and informative topics on that page as well… :wink:

Pliers have been used for 15+ years to remove bearings, when used properly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that method (assuming you are using the correct pliers for the job)… to say it makes you a hack is ridiculous.

The rest of your advice seems like a pretty decent idea, so why bother adding stuff like that?


Oh you again! Not surprised you showed up.

Pliers are fine when used correctly. Problem is people seem to be using them as weapons more than a tool. Hackish manner.

Anything else oh wise one?

I don’t know if this would work for smaller bearings but… whenever I need to get bearings off of axles in motors and stuff I usually deshield one side of the bearing and put somthing in it to jam it like a paper clip and use some kind of clamp(vice grips, pliers, a vice) to twist it off, it works 95% of the time. The negatives are you get a bearing that rattles a ton or won’t spin, and an axle(in your case a bearing seat) that is all scratched up and is shaved down a little. This is most likely not the smartest way to remove bearings as it WILL damage something!

Not sure why you react so violently to my comments, but whatever I guess. We clearly agree on this topic, I just objected to you declaring everybody a hack who follows a well tested system… silly me.


I react to you cause you come off like a smug know-it-all. I’ve been warned from a few that’s how you roll so it shouldn’t be a surprise to either of us now that I think of it.

Again. The way pliers are being implicated for use in this thread denotes hack like qualities.

…says the person who declared everybody a hack who doesn’t do it his way.

Sounds like you’ve let others determine your opinion of me, so I won’t bother discussing it I guess.

Sorry to the OP for derailing the thread with nonsense, you’ve got a lot of good advice here, one of these methods is bound to solve your problem. If you’re really absolutely convinced that there is no possible way to remove the bearing, you can send it to somebody to have it fixed… I’d be happy to do it for the cost of shipping.