How to remove a YYJ bearing?

Feel free to move this topic because I swear, for me there is no help section. I was just wondering how to change my YYJ bearing on the DM2? I know that you can use pliers, but would that allow me to stick my unresponsive bearing right in?

It should just fall right out :stuck_out_tongue: just use pliers

You just pull it out. Sit another in the same spot, if that’s what you want to do…

I’m scared that I’m gonna break it if I use pliers because it is actually connected to the inside of the yoyo a bit

I’ve never had a YYJ where you couldn’t take the bearing out with your hands. Use a drill bit and stick it in the bearing and wiggle it out.

I’ll show you, want me to take a YouTube video of my dm2 and show you, if that would help at all?

Sure. If it’s that crucial…

There is a help section. You just go to the forum home page, and there are different categories listed.

Johnthejwolfe said it best:

Anyway, you should be able to pull the bearing out with your hand, and if that doesn’t work, use pliers. It’s pretty odd that the bearing won’t come out, but just try a few of our suggestions and you should be set. How do you like the Dark Magic 2?

Below is a picture of what the forum should look like. Notice the different sections.

Edit: Thanks jhb! :smiley:

I still do not see the dang help section…

It’s a sub-section of Yoyo Review. Look at the drop down bar on the bottom right of this screen.

Ohhhh! OK I got it now. I shall do that for now on. But yeah, it looks like it is actually stuck IN the yoyo…

Well, if you can’t get a drill bit in it to wiggle it out and you don’t have a bearing removal tool. You’re going to have to use pliers. You can even try the rounded part on the neck of pliers.

Remember, it is only a bearing. Don’t be scared to try things. It will be ok.

Maybe post pictures? I think the DM2 uses the Solid Spin axle system, which holds the bearing very loosely. With mine, the bearing falls out when I open it. I think posting pictures may help us help you.

Just a tip: If you have a question about “(insert yoyo name) vs (insert yoyo name)” or “What yoyo should I get?”, post that in the “Looking for help /recommendations” section. If it’s more about maintenance, like this post, post it in the Maintenance section. Thank you.

Now I have to wait a few months to get a set of pliers or a bearing removal tool… Ugh.

Yeah, I will really start trying to post in right section. Let me get some pictures up

Can’t you go to WalMart and get pliers?

Darn it, I would ship you my YYF Multi Tool, but I just broke it. So even if you pull the bearing it won’t come out? And you don’t have a set of pliers? This is very odd, try to post pictures /video if possible.

Also, why are you trying to take out the bearing?

Thanks for the offer Big Cat, and no, my mom won’t get me some pliers because she’s too busy playing angry birds i swear. :’(

Good question. Generally, if you don’t need to, don’t unscrew your yoyo/mess with the guts. Unless you have need to clean it, because I know my Phenom’s bearing was caked with lube.