How to remove a YYJ bearing?

Seriously? Your mom won’t take you to WalMart because she’s too busy playing Angry Birds??? Is her name Catherine by chance? wow

Because I am trying to get my unresponsive speed bearing in.

Oh yeah, it comes pre installed with the half spec… Darn. I think your best st bet is to visually show us the problem.

How the heck am I supposed to put a picture up? It give me the IMG thing.

Either use the attach file option (found by clicking the additional options button on the bottom left when you try to post), or this guide:,49903.0.html

The search bar is your friend.

Ok. Got it. Here we go.

Ummmm, NO. The subsection of the reviews is for help getting a new yoyo. If you want help on anything else, ask in the appropriate section, such as Yo-Yo Modification and Maintenance for help removing a bearing…

Ok, I’m just going to send links to my photos…

I didn’t say that’s where he should put it. I was simply telling where the Help section was, since it was brought up. Also showing him another way of finding different sections.

Yeah, I know, but it could be interpreted as that’s where to go for any help.

Did anybody see my 4 pictures yet? ??? Anybody know if it is me or the yoyo? And why?

Nothing wrong with the yoyo. Did you buy it new from a store or from someone else?

Well, this is what you’re going to have to do.

  1. First, you need to have an Allen Key/Hex Key to unscrew the axle, unless you can do it by hand.
  2. Get a bearing removal tool or end of a drill bit and stick it under the inner race and wiggle it until it moves. OR, get pliers and pull it out.
  3. Send it to someone, or get someone to send you a bearing removal tool.

That’s it. Nothing else to do. If you have absolutely have zero tools or anything useful around, then I don’t know what else you can do.

Seriously!? Nothing!? I bought it from this website… And it is not just falling right out and I can’t just pull it out with my hands… hmm…

That’s why you will need some type of tool. I don’t know what else there is to do.

Ok, well I guess I will just tell my mom that there are some angry birds pliers that I want at WalMart. So, it is safe to take it out with pliers? Will the speed bearing then just fit right in without any problems? Tightly?

Any YYJ that uses the Solid Spin Axle System should be a very loose fit. Once you get the Half Spec removed, the other should fit fine.

Ok. When you get the pliers, the safest way to try and remove the bearing, if you’re that worried. There is a rounded part that you can put around the bearing which will reduce the risk of damage when clamping down on it.

I have a pic of it so you’ll know what to look for:

W/O a pliers, try gently prying it out with the tip of a knife.

Awesome! I’ll get some Angry Bird Pliers immediately! And I will REALLY try to start posting in the right thread. Thanks for all of your patience with me! ;D ;D ;D