DM Bearing how to take off

I bought a dm two and can’t find a way to take off the bearing
It’s way too responsive and I need to change it
I dont have the tool so what otter way can I get it off

Use the backside of a drill bit.

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Ok I got it off with pliers, but now the speed bearig won’t snap in! Help!

It should just sit there, just acre it together an give it a try; try not to strip the threads as you do! Also pliers are a really bad way to go for future reference. You risk damaging the yoyo and the bearing.

The bearing just Sits there… It won’t snap I. And when I try to throw, itwobbles.

You don’t have it in all the way or it went in not centered. I’d take it out and try again. Make sure it’s centered and by screwing the yo together it should seat properly.

I’m pushig on both ends and it wont snap…
The bearing stays loose
Is the second bearing supposed to e wice as big as the responsive one ?

It doesn’t snap. Period. Just put it together and play it. Not all bearing seats grip onto the yoyo like the world is ending.

This is odd.

I have over 60 YYJ yoyos and NONE of them are tight to the bearing. If I unscrew the yoyo, the bearing will pretty much fall out.

I’ve bought YYJ yoyos from different runs, times, new, used, from stores, BST, contests, friends, and there’s been one consistent element: The bearings come out easy. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Classic or a Phenom, Titan3, DM2, SFX, or whatever.

My advice for taking out the bearing from a YYJ yoyo:
Unscrew yoyo. Turn over yoyo into hand and catch bearing. Done.

Ok Ty xD arty for freaking out
Just yo make sure, it becomes wider with the unresponsive bearing than the one it comes with , right?

Yes, the speed bearing, or the wider one, is unresponsive. The thin ones sorta grip a little bit. Not badly. But enough to merit a little leverage.

I’ve never had a bearing tight to a YYJ Solid Spin Axle, or to any metals either. The bearing readily falls out when my YYJ’s are taken apart.

Not all bearings “snap” into place. It shouldn’t need to.

Just ensure the bearing is properly on the metal part of the bearing seat, then carefully screw the yoyo back together.

Something is t right… I can’t bind easily and the axle keeps getting looser each time I screw it in

If you’re just learning to bind on a standard bearing, it won’t be as easy to bind as it is on a responsive slim bearing. And as for the axle, screw it in until it stops moving, then give it a small twist cupped into your hands until it starts slipping in your hand.

If the axle keeps getting looser, you may have stripped it or didn’t fully screw it together.

As far as the binds, use a larger loop to put into the gap. Pinch with non-throw hand, then either push with non-throw hand(while crossing the strings) or pull with throw hand slowly until you see/feel it bind. It’s a skill that you need to develop and it will take some time.

Watch more videos on the topic. You should be able to get this down in a few days, then you can practice it without thinking much. Trust me, you WILL get this.

:confused: not exactly new to binding buy I’ll watch some bids on it :slight_smile:
Just kinda irks me when I land a perfect spirit bomb the it won’t bind xD
Should I perhaps use intermediate struts sited of expert? Will this help bind easier?