Trying to change the bearing on a new Dark Magic II

The DMII came with 2 bearings. There is a smaller one in the unit, and a bigger one that I would like to try. No instructions came with it…

The original bearing is stuck. Tried some padded needle nose pliers, but they just slip off. Looking for a stickier method, but in the meantime, can anyone suggest a good way of removing the bearing? It seems that this is not an uncommon problem.

Perhaps remove the cap and go at it that way?

Thanks in advance.

First, needle nose pliers won’t work too well. They tend to slip off. You need linesman pliers that have a round cutaway near the hinge where the wire goes and can get cut. That area grips bearings nicely.

This video on bearing cleaning explains it pretty good:

(you don’t need to watch the whole thing)

DO NOT remove the cap and go at it “from the other side”. Removing the cap is no big deal, but the rest would entail destroying the yoyo.

Normally, YYJ bearings just fall right out, no hassles. I’ve never experienced a tight bearing in a YYJ yoyo.

Anyhow, use the string trick:

Otherwise, a bearing removal tool. Or put the yoyo in the freezer for 30 minutes and try any of the above methods again.

Just don’t get impatient. DO NOT force things. If you need help, call, text, email, PM or whatever.
(oh, my phone number is gone. Go try to find my BST posting…)

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Find a drill bit that fits snuggly into the bearing (the side that is rounded and doesn’t cut) stick it into the bearing and wiggle back and forth lightly it should work its way out.

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@Studio - the second (string) method worked beautifully. Thank you!

@Snafu - thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for next time of the string method doesn’t work.

A 1/4" drill bit fits the middle of bearings perfectly and is an excellent bearing removal tool! Or just a length of 1/4" bar from the hardware store.

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The smaller bearing on my DM2 is a booger to get off every time as well so no worries. It will come off with any of the above methods. When you order strings or other accessories from YYE or any other store grab a yoyo multi tool. Small and very useful since changing string every 30 minutes or so is a must for me and the tool has a string cutter too. I try to only unscrew my throws when changing bearings so even the little set screw key comes in handy to pick at any knots that my finger tips can’t reach.

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This is really great information - I appreciate you all taking the time.

I was at my local Hobbytown USA (where I was able to pick up a DV888 and a Protostar), and saw what I think was the multi tool Midlifeyoyoman mentioned. Not sure, but will go have a look tomorrow.

I just bought a DM2 and right out of the box I switched to the wider speed bearing. It was super unresponsive and stupid me, not knowing much, thought a little more thin lube would work wonders. Well, it made it very responsive. I took another bearing of the same kind out of a broken crossfire and looked up directions on the Internet on how to deshield the bearing and clean it. I used the bearing from the crossfire as a ginny pig and soaked it in mineral spirits for 10 minutes and put it back on the DM2 dry. It is still responsive. What can I do to make the original speed bearing the DM2 came with unresponsive again. I’ve heard to just keep playing with it and wear the thin lube that put on it out. Any suggestions? I’m new to this site and any help would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone know anything about ordering better faster bearings? And what would I get? Thanks.


Work on your throw and your bearings will perform better, spin faster and longer.

Getting a bearing won’t automatically improve things. Unless your bearing is bad, just stick with the one you’ve got for now.

I speak from experience. been there, tried that. I’m thankful for the experience but really, it didn’t do anything to help me. Only practice and improving my throw was my biggest trick to getting longer spin times and faster spinning yoyos.

My main problem is getting it unresponsive, when I try tricks which require slack in the string like the suicide it smacks me in the face.

Did you lube your bearing? You might need to clean out the bearing.

Also, manage your string tension.

Way back when I had a Yomega Xodus, I tried cleaning the bearing, but the yoyo stayed responsive. I think that those Yomega bearings may not be able to go unresponsive. Go ahead and clean the speed bearing that came with your DM2. It will get all of the lube out and make it unresponsive again.

The crossfire’s bearing might be janky. Also, rather than just soaking, you should agitate the bearing in the solvent a bit. I like to use a small container and shake’er all around, but you could just stir it around. Try not to splash it around, and don’t get any in your eyes.

Once that’s done, it needs to dry thoroughly-- 5 minutes probably isn’t going to cut it. 15 seems to be enough, but why not just leave it out in the sun for even longer? Couldn’t hurt! Once dry, put it on something tapered (pencils never work for me… maybe my sharpener is too obtuse… I use a Japanese-style chopstick!) and flick it with your thumb to make it spin. This will help work through any residue that might still be dried onto the bearing.

Then install it dry to the bearing if it’s performance you’re after. Otherwise, apply some lube to a straight pin (most people just dip it; I drop a drop onto one) and use this even smaller drop in your bearing. More flicking on the chopstick/pencil to distribute it, and then install the bearing.

With no lube or a teeny tiny amount of lube, it shouldn’t be responsive. If it’s slightly responsive still, 15 minutes of play will clear that up. If it’s STILL responsive? Consider replacing the bearing. If you follow the cleaning instructions, it shouldn’t be responsive.

I soaked the crossfire bearing for 10 minutes this time and let it dry over night. It’s working great now. Thanks for the advice

Did you remove the shields? If you didn’t, most of the stuff you don’t want in the bearing is still in the bearing and it’s just a matter of time before your problems return.

Yeah, the first time I removed one side and the second time I soaked it I removed both and agitated it a bit. Spinning super fast now

Just clean the YYJ bearing you over lubed and put it back in…

What do you know about removing the caps from a DM2? Why would I and how?

You CAN remove the caps from the DM2.

The two easiest ways are a 1.5" suction cup or using duct tape. Press, smooth, YANK!!

The other methods involve damaging the cap.

Why you’d want to? IRG’s, reduce a touch of weight. I like how they look and how the yoyo performs with the caps both in. You can take one or both out. It’s up to you.