Help with a bearing

So, this may sound silly but i just got a Dark magic 2 yo-yo to get used to unresponsive play but i can not get the bearing out so i can put in the right one. Any tips on what to do?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Here we go again. ;D If you have to… get some pliers and use the round part around the bearing and try to wiggle it out.

The Maintenance section is where you really should have put this. Just for future reference. I still go read around in there for tips too. Like bearing cleaning and such.

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Any other ideas i tried that one multiple times before asking for help XD

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Unscrew the yo-yo. Place a thin cloth over the bearing. Using pliers grasp the bearing through the cloth and gently wiggle it back and forth. It will come right off. :slight_smile:

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If you have something solid that will fit in the bearing hole, i.e. yyf yoyo tool, you can wiggle from the inside.

Or a 1/4 inch drill bit. Put the solid end in and wiggle.

Even though it says “How to Remove a C3 Dibase Bearing”, this video also applies to your Dark Magic II. I’m a visual person, so this vid helped me a lot when I first started playing unresponsive with my DMII :smiley:

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That’s what I do. Like this:

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That’s strange, the bearing in my DM2 was so loose I could just tip it over and the bearing would come out.


How many people here have YYJ yoyos using the Solid Spin Axle system?

Of those who have such yoyos, how many of those yoyos are tight to the bearing seat where it needs to be removed using a bearing puller or other means?

I have a Chaser, Phenom, Phenomizm, Speeder 2, DM2 and Fiesta XX, and all of these, the bearing comes right out without the use of a tool or an assistance. I expect the XCon Pro I am ordering this week to be the same way. The DiBase I am ordering, I expect to be like in the video. The Lyn Fury… odds are it will be like the other Solid Spin Axles from YYJ.

Now that I’m done bragging about my dumb luck…

There are several methods of removing the bearing:
Bearing puller
Pliers with round wire cutter area
1/4" drill bit
String trick.

BE PATIENT!!! Other than the string trick, I suggest WIGGLING the tool back and forth gently and do not rush or force things. You can damage the bearing, the axle, the yoyo, the bearing seat, the tool, yourself(from smacking your head into the wall when you break something) and more.

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@Studio - I believe the string trick won’t work with a yo-yo in a bearing seat. I’ve only used it with hubstack bearings that aren’t in a recess. Someone correct me if I’m in error.:slight_smile:


String trick? Could someone explain?

Bearings on hubstacked yo-yos are sometimes tough to remove. If you take a string and wrap it around the bearing and work it underneath the bearing you can pull the bearing off. I just said bearing three times in one sentence. Yikes.

Oh!!! I always saw that people recommended that but thought it was for the main bearing. Why didn’t I ever think of that? It took me 3 days to remove one of the bearings from my 888x. Now I’ll put them on with confidence. And not wanting to thread jack but do z stacks perform well on an 888x?

A stuck bearing on a DM 2? Never heard of that before, as a couple of people already noted. The new YYJ axle design pretty much eliminated that problem. But if that’s what you have, the methods noted above all work fine. If you can’t get it with a pliers, there’s something seriously wrong. Pliers worked well on the old YYJ axle design and the new one is so much looser.

It’s been around longer than hubstacks. I’ve never used it but it’s an old method.

I haven’t seen a tight bearing seat on a solid spin axle either. But I’ve owned a few of the old style axle with incredibly tight bearing seats - too tight to get the bearing off with pliers without damaging the bearing. My Night Moves 3 is like that, and I have an original Hitman like that as well. With the NM3, even after deciding that I was fine destroying the bearing, I still couldn’t get it off with pliers. In those cases, best to use the drill bit. And if the bearing is stuck on the axle side, best to take out the axle, like so:

and then get it out with the bit.

I’ve done it on my ONE and it worked fine. I got a YYF multi-tool. I much prefer that.

Okay now my curiosity is piqued. I don’t own a ONE but assuming it has a recessed bearing seat how do you use a string to remove it? How do you get the string under the bearing to pull it off? (unless I’m doing something horribly wrong… lol).

Ditto. I’ve got a Whip in front of me, which has the same sort of bearing seat, and I can’t figure out how that would work. The bearing on the Whip isn’t tight, and the bearing comes right off, but if it were stuck, I can’t figure out how you’d get a string under the bearing or between the bearing and the sidewall of the seat.


Here’s how:

I unscrew the yoyo, remove one half. I put in a cotton string “remnant” that I saved from when I cut my kid’s string to fit a yoyo of his. I wrap that OVER the bearing. I then screw down tight the ONE again. I think the pressure of the bearing recess, the bearing and the string is enough to make it stick on the side I laid the string on. I unscrew, the bearing is on the string half now. Pull the string hard(Up on both sides, but take my time so as not to jerk it) and it’s done.

Maybe my description sucks. I’m not shooting a video. Sorry.

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