Dark Magic I bearing problem

Greetings, i have a problem about my new yo-yo darkmagic. When i separate two sides of yoyo i see that my bearing and screw are at the same side of yoyo moreover i cant set apart bearing from the yoyo. Is there any solution for this problem and is it OK if they are at the same side?(when i was wathcing youtube unpacking videos, i saw it is on the other side of screw)

That’s completely normal. The axle could very well be on the same side of the yoyo. However, when it happens, you have to be careful when removing the bearing.

mine is on the same side it alright hope that helped :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like the situation I have with my BOSS (yoyo). Both the axle and the bearing are on the same half of the yoyo. So if you wanted to remove the bearing with a bearing removal tool you couldn’t. You’re going to need to carefully remove the bearing with pliers if you want to move it to the other side (it might not stay on that side after screwing then unscrewing it). But if you don’t really need it out then don’t worry about taking it out. (The only time you should need to is when you clean your bearing or silicone your yoyo.)

The problem is that i couldnt remove my bearing from yoyo also the axle. If i use pliers to remove it, should i only pull it by spining it or is there anything that i must do first ? why i ask it is that i want my darkmagic yoyo become un-responsive.Another question is if a yoyo is un-responsive , is it suitable to do yoyo tricks. i am novice so i dont know the answers.

A unresponsive yoyo is suitable for 1A or string tricks (Also 5A,3A, and 4A). But not for 2A or looping.
And your “Dark Magic I” should be unresponsive already. Also if you’re trying to clean the bearing in stead of just playing the lube out you should just take the bearing out not the axle.

Here’s a link to a guide on how to remove and deshield a bearing.

And here’s how to cleaning it.

Thank you for all comments; i guess my DM is responsive becouse i can get it easily while it is sleeping without binding and i like to play 1A style. Still my yoyo is un-responsive? also one more question i have: at this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHb5a-kTzz8&feature=player_embedded#at=38 man uses a oil ,i guess, i wonder that is it equil with a simple mechanical oil? I live in Turkey so i am not able to find a yoyojam lube.Finally is this oil necessary for cleanning , is it important?

That sounds like the bearing has lots of lube in it or something… Try taking it apart and spin the bearing. It should spin for three or more seconds if not you should try cleaning it. Cleaning it is not something you need to do but it will make it unresponsive faster then just playing the lube out. And about the lube you shouldn’t have to put any in it, people just put it in to quiet the bearing or smooth it out if they have some grit in their bearing. And some people use other lube other then YoYoJam lube but I wouldn’t recommend it. (But if you want to, look in to trumpet oil or sewing machine oil because that’s what I hear people use…). Hope this helps… Also if the bearing is spining fine then it might be the string is too close to the Starbust response side and not the O-ring but I don’t know because I haven’t used the Dark Magic.In that case work on strait throws… Well good luck. :smiley: