Dark Magic Yoyo help

I’ve been throwing the DM for about a month now, but recently I messed it up pretty badlu and was wondering if anybody could help me figure out what is wrong with it.
I was playing with it, and during a sleeper it unscrewed itself and smashed into the floor. I had been using the unresponsive bearing, but when I put it back together it became really responsive. I’m not sure if its a problem with the bearing or the plastic grooves on the yoyo or the axle or what. If this has happened to anyone else can you please help me out? I would try another bearing but the only other one I have is responsive. Any advice w.ould be greatly appreciated

If the bearing fell on the ground, it probably got dirty! Try cleaning it.

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When you put it back together, did you put the string on the bearing before you screwed the halves together or after? If before, you may have the string snagged in the bearing seat.

Along the same line, did you tighten it sufficiently so that there is no gap between the bearing and the shell that could snag the string?

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Good idea, i’ll clean it soon. Any suggestions as for what to use?

And nope it’s not the string being snagged. I’ve put it together a bunch of times and made sure its not screwed in too loosely or too tight.


so i’m pretty sure its not the bearing.

That narrows it down to either the axle or the groove that the bearing sits on.

Could it have anything to do with the axle? and if so can I replace it with the Yoyofactory axles available on this site? (yoyojam axles are currently sold out)

It could be that the axle is shreading or something.

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Further check on the bearing: Take it out and put it on the end of a pencil. Give it a flick with your finger. It should spin freely for probably 10-20 seconds depending on how lubed it is. If it doesn’t spin freely I’d suspect the bearing in some way. How does it play with the other bearing regardless of it being the responsive bearing. Is it more responsive than it was before (using the responsive bearing)?

Axles -
Most all YYJ models use a 6x32 set screw, 3/4" long.
Most YYF use a 4mm x .7mm pitch, 20mm long set screw.
These are not interchangeable.

If you think it’s the axle you can buy the exact same set screw that YYJ uses at most any hardware store. If you can’t find a set screw, get a normal 6x32 screw long enough to use and cut the head off. Use a medium stone or fine file to smooth the cut end. In this case you probably want a one inch screw so you can cut it and dress the cut end.

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