bearing problem!

well, today i went to school with my dv888 by yoyofactory as usual. I’ve had this yoyo for about 1 week now and i’m gettin’ some more advanced tricks down!
well i was playing and everything was fine as usual, but then i tried to show my friend how my yoyo wouldn’t respond if i poped it in the air from a sleeper, and it RESPONDED!!!

now i’ve noticed a few things:

  • like 1 in 5 times, when i pop my yoyo up like i did that first time, it’ll come back in!
  • when i spin my bearing, if i spin it one way, it seems to catch something every once in a while and slow down (as if there were something wrong with the bearing), but when i spin it the other way, it’s less common!

what should i do?
should i buy some thin lube (if so, which brand) and apply that?
should i remove the bearing (and if so, should i buy a bearingremover tool)?
do i need a new bearing?
??? ??? ???
i don’t know.
please give me your thoughts.

Try taking out the shields of the bearing, and play it without shields for a day or so to try and break it in. If that doesnt work, buy some lube. Yoyojam thin lube or One rop v4m works well. Removing the bearing with plyers is easier, but do it carefully, as you can warp the bearing. And you do not need a new bearing.

what do you mean “take out the shields”?

Shields are the covers on the side of the bearing.

See this for how to do it.
How to Clean Your YoYo Bearing,871.0.html

Shields out. Clean your bearing.

be extra carefull in removing the bearing…

or maybe just change ur strings…removing the bearing is ur last resort…

I’ve removed my bearing more times in one day that I could imagine. Removing your bearing is no biggy. It’s an every day thing for me.


Totally agreed.

Keep playing with the yoyo for a (few hours), as new bearings need to be broken in. Now is it fixed? If not clean it using the method jhb8426 mentioned and repeat the first step.

so is it damaging the bearing at all if i still play wit it like it is now?

Well just play it for a while like a few days. Do some Gyro Flops to speed the break in. If still very responsive, clean the bearing.

It will take a lot and I mean a lot of play to potentially damage the bearing as not that much force is put on it as a yoyo is pretty light compared to other thinge that use bearings, for example if we were talking about a skate board it might be a good idea not to risk it, but since a yoyo doesn’t have person standing on it and only weighs around 66 grams it will be ok.

cool, would lube help it?

Probably not. Lube keeps your bearing from wearing out but if there actually is something in the bearing, lube wont help you take it out. And by the ways, if you lube it, it’ll take much longer to break in.

Yeah, if it’s breaking in lubing the bearing is about the worst thing you can do to it. Lube is to quit down the bearing and make it last longer and should be applied right after cleaning the bearing.

…i had avery bad experience removing the bearing…specially with the dv888 …i bought mine brandnew… hope u dont experience the same thing

i bought some lube, a new concave bearing, and a bearing removal tool online.

i’ll try to fix this one up to make it like my spare one.

should i take the shields off to see if anything blocking it comes out? would taking off only one shield work? is taking the shields off safe (or even helpful at all)?

You can take of one or both shields to clean it. You don’t have to put them back on. Some people have other opinions on this.

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