dv888 help


i got a 2012 model dv888 yoyo as a gift and notice after awhile of using it the bearing would die and it also started to become responsive. so i unscrewed the yoyo and upon spinning my bearing it would spin then it would get stuck and not spin… anyone got ideas to what it is? need help thanks in advance…


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It sounds like your bearing needs cleaning. Give me a minute and I’ll post a link to a video describing how to do it.

Edit - Here ya go :slight_smile:


You might want to clean out your bearing. Yeah, even new bearings can have issues. This isn’t a dv888 issue and not a YYF issue. Stuff happens.

First, remove the bearing. See if it spins freely when on a stick or something. If it does, then I’m confused, so it would have to be in the bearing gap.

Otherwise, try removing the shields. While I advocate keeping the shields on, many people don’t bother. No big deal. Does removing the shields address the issue? Maybe a shield was on backwards? Doubtful.

Still no?

Blow it out. Any improvement? If not, clean it out thoroughly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have I think 2011 dv888, no issues.


Cleaning is a very basic maintenance procedure, don’t be scared of it.

the hardest part is to remove the bearing shields, but honestly, I have two left hands and 10 thumbs and I can do it, it’s very easy. you don’t have to put the shields back after you cleaned it. it’ll make it easier for further maintenance operations.

you may need a tool to remove the bearing, they usually are fairly tightly fit. YYF sells a tool for cheap, many people use pliers (which work for most cases, but not all, there is still a slight risk of damaging either your bearing either your yoyo -less likely-)

I destroyed a bearing with pliers once in 2 years, there were no tools for this size (D size), but YYF size is standard, so I suggest you get yourself one of those bearing tools because you’ll be needing it a lot.


thanks everyone for the help, i think thats what it needs, is there a substitute i can use for the thin lube? and would any lighter fluid work?


any lighter fluid used for lighting charcoal works (even store brand) a sub for thin lube is trumpet/trombone valve lube, i dont like it but others have had great experiences with it. only put one drop, no more, you can put less.


i would appreciate of anyone could send me a link for the thin lube… want to make sure i get the right one online thanks for all the help… nice genuine ppl here thanks


You can get One Drop’s VM4, YYJ’s Thin Lube or YYF’s thin performance oil.

I prefer YYJ’s thin lube or VM4. All are available here.

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Understand that you clean the yoyo in the lighter fluid, then add a drop or take a needle and put it on a ball or two.


In the interest of preventing a potential “flaming ball o’ fire” I think Jagmcool meant the yoyo bearing… Not the yoyo. :wink:


If you have an all metal yoyo, I think that might be pretty cool. However, string trick would become quite difficult…