dv888 bearing

hey i got my dv888 2 days ago and it was playin really smooth then the bearing got loud and it became responsive to my yoyo and i dnt know wat to do is their a way to clean it because i heard ur not supposed to clean YYF bearingss so idk wat to do do i just order new bearing or wat? ???

You can definatly clean the YYF bearings. See this thread for how http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,871.0.html

Clean the bearing, dry it, and put a drop of lube in.

Or just don’t worry about it and play with it. If it doesn’t straighten out in like a week, then you might want to look at cleaning it, I guess.

It’s obvious that the bearing is breaking in. Just keep playing with it. It’s normal for every bearing. That is also the exact proper time for the bearing to start breaking in. Just play with it, and it will be unresponsive and normal again. The balls inside the bearing are smoothing out, so give it some time. Happens with everyones yoyos. :wink: