DV888 Problem

I recently recieved my new YoyoFactory DV888 and at first it performed really well. However after throwing it for a while it became responsive all of a sudden. I know it sounds strange, with it having a silicone response and all, but to clarify it hasn’t hit anything other than my hand and hasn’t been modded at all. Any suggestions to fix this problem(other than lubing it, obviously)?

check the bearing and bearing seat for string or something

otherwise something probaly got into the bearing you can clean it
here is how to clean your bearing http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,871.0.html

its probably just not broken in yet but you can also clean the bearing witch will help

That’s odd. I’ve had mine for a week and haven’t had any problems.

this is weird you probably havent broken it in like thrower said ???

Yeah, the same thing occurred to me. What I did was I just let it spin and overtime, it became unresponsive again.

If you do decide to clean the bearing be forewarned that the bearing seat on the DV888 is pretty tight. I know a good number of people have ruined their bearing trying to get it off with pliers. I’ve found it’s best to take it off with a drill bit, like this:

That’s a good idea! You’d be able to pick your size from a drill bit set to fit snugly inside the bearing to wiggle it out. It should be noted that you would insert the end of the drill bit that goes into the chuck of the drill, not the sharpened/cutting end.

check the response pad. you might have dislodged it and it was sticking out and catching the string. i almost ruined my protostar that way.

Just play through it, my SPEC Bearing did that and I just played with it and eventually it was fine

Everyone, except thrower121, it called BREAKING IN THE BEARING. It happens to all yoyos and all you have to do is continue to play with it. What happens is the balls inside smoothen out, and then it back to normal. Just play with it.

Thanks for your suggestions guys, but i just continued to play with it and it started being unresponsive again ;D.

Can you please give some fact to that?

None of it is true.

They way some people put it was like I don’t know what’s happening check the response, lube the bearing and stuff. But thrower121 just said that you have to break in the bearing, and he’s the only person who said that, and it’s true, and the other way people put it was like they didn’t know what was going on.