DV888 is now responsive

I’ve recently noticed that my DV888 is now responsive. It’s sleeping sound has been chopping up. I’ve only had it for a week now so I’m quite confused. What is causing this? Is there a solution?

It’s breaking in you just need to play though the rough patch it’ll be unresponsive soon…

cleaning it also helps

I highly recommend cleaning the bearing. There may be some debris or other things in the bearing. And cleaning the bearing also helps the break in process.

My DV888 is responsive at 2 weeks old. Can I return it?

Your best bet instead of trying to return it is to do simple bearing maintenance. Try cleaning the bearing and lightly oiling it.

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Yep, nothing wrong with it. Just needs some TLC.

Tried that!

Then contact the store.

Any updates to this story? Did the OP end up returning it or did it break in all right?

I’m having a similar issue. I got a DV888 yesterday, and it was nice and unresponsive then. I woke up today, and it was responsive. Seems like there’s kind of a rough patch in the bearing when disassemble and spin it.


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May just be breaking in, play with it for a day or so and if it doesn’t clear up try cleaning it. Lube helps too from what I hear.

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k i had the same problem with mine and the only thing that made it better was to just keep playing with it, just stay away from any whips that might result in ur knuckles being banged if it does catch, but other than that make sure its lubed and keep playing. ive had it for several months and still every once in a while it has a short period where its responsive

If you lube the bearing when it’s breaking in the process will restart, so unless you love responsive yoyos and loud bearings don’t do it.

Clean the bearing.

… OR: Put some thin lube on it and break it in.

I just got a new bearing.