my new dv888 is making a weird noise and went responsive?

I only had my Dv888 for a few days and during a throw all of a sudden it started making a crazy squeeling noise. It sounded like my yoyo halves were spinning apart. I stopped it to check it and they weren’t coming apart and now my yoyo is very responsive , which does me no good :frowning: please help!

That’s just the bearing breaking in, just keep playing with it and after a while it’ll go back to being unresponsive.

it might also be a dirty bearing, but since you only had it for a few days thats probably not it

It was working fine the first couple days the went weird outta nowhere

Just play it a bit more. It’s probably breaking in as Astralis mentioned. If it doesn’t improve in a couple more days of play, then clean it and lightly lube it.

llightly lube the bearing