a quesion about my dv888

i have a dc88 with a konkave bearing in it and it is kind of responsive. i dont know if the yoyo is made kind of responsive. please help.thanks

not dc88

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as for your qustion you just need to break in you bearing or clean it

i had the same problem with my dm, break in the bearing which means play with it for a while ;D

A faster way is to wash the bearing.

I’m pretty sure SPEC Bearings come dry… Just give it a a good clean the lightly lube and see what happens.

Try opening the yo-yo and spinning the bearing with your finger. Does it spin freely or does it feel stuck or anything?
Sometimes hair or string can get caught around it causing it to slow down too so check around there.

This can be a normal part of the ‘break in’ process of the bearing. Many times a bearing as it smoothens out inside will hit a rough patch.
The more you use it the smoother the balls inside actually become so to get through the rough patch the best thing to do would be to continue to play with it.

If you continue to have problems with this for a much longer period of time (and ordered it from YoYoExpert) just let us know: Contact@YoYoExpert.com


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Check the K-Pads too. Sometimes if they are worn out, the yoyo is kind of responsive.

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i bought a kk bearing for my dv888 also. its kinda responsive at first. just get the bearing to spin alot and it should become less responsive. sime people even stick it on the end of a drill and just let it spin!

I do that sometimes, but IMO its just better to play it.
I duct taped my drill to a table and left it running for hours.
We use lots of duct tape in AK

sojust spin it with my finger?

Aside from spinning it with a drill, just putting it in a yo-yo and playing with that yo-yo is the best way to break the bearing in.