I need help FAST!

Today, I was yo-yoing as usual with my dv888, and noticed that my spin was getting rough. I ignored it and continued, but as I went on, the spin was getting rougher and rougher and spin times were decreasing. It eventuallly came to a stop after a solid throw. I found this unusual, as I take good care of my yo-yo’s, and I have never dropped, dented, or hit this yo-yo on anything. I took it apart and rotated the bearing, and at some points it would barely move.

Please help! If this helps: I have a dv888 LB. What is wrong and can I fix it?

Um… Thin Lube?

The problem your having sounds really strange. Maybe you should contact Ben.

Maybe replace the bearing. ???

Calm down, don’t worry, it’s the SPEC bearing. Happened to my 09’ eight8eight’s bearing, too.

It’s breaking in, and it goes quiet and spins down.

It’s okay. Same happened to me. Breaking in bearing. Usually a little after, it has a clicking where it turns responsive for a while.

The more you play, the more it will be less likely to happen. :slight_smile:

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Who is ben and where can I contact him? I need help fast.

But it’s like really rough, and really loud. It was so quiet, but now…

I know, you’re fine. Don’t worry a bit.

It will be there for a while, but keep playing.

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I will. Thank you so much Spencer. I’ve heard of breaking in, but I didn’t know it would be like this. What does breaking in do? Will it go back yo normal? Thanks so much!

Ben is Ben McPhee. Go to YoYoFactory.Com, and enter, then click contact us at the bottom. You’ll see his e-mail in your provider.

He also has an account here. yoyofactoryben. He comes on every now and then. You’ll catch him around.

If it’s going to be okay, there is no need to contact him right?


The bearing will go back to normal, and spin longer.

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Actually, after you break in the bearing it will be even better than was before. Sometimes, things have to get worse before they get better.

If things don’t get better in a few days, I would suggest you contact Ben. He posts here sometimes, so he might see this, and post advice in this thread! :wink:

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If it doesn’t go away, contact Ben here:
It should go away, but I have had cases where it did not, but wait for a while before contacting him.

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Thanks so much for your help guys I really appreciate it! Problem solved! :slight_smile:

Your welcome! I hope everything works out smoothly. :slight_smile:

Have you tried thin lube?

There was really no need for you to post that.

Nor was there need for you to post that, or for me to post this.

Mine was actually necessary, so I could inform him about doing things like that repeatedly.