I need some help.
My 888 bearing is acting weird
i spin it while it is in the yoyo and it makes a really!!! weird sound and only spins maybe 5-10 seconds.
i think it needs cleaning but i dont know how to do that

5-10 seconds is all right. Its probably just breaking in. If you are still worried about it, a tiny drop of lube could help.

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samad rocks

Check da sticky on bearing cleaning:

Maybe your not throwing it hard enough. ???

How would that be the broblem?

When throwing it light, when it is breaking in, it can stop easier.

My 09’ eight8eight’s bearing did that, and had a clicking noise, so it would go silent and stop.

Just play with it. It’s breaking in.
OR you can lube it.

You have just repeated what samad has recently siad. No need to post the same thing.