Bearing breaking in or just broke?

Hey, so I got my YYJ Legacy this week and a few days ago it got a little louder all of the sudden after playing with it, I read something about bearings ‘breaking in’ and then after like 2 days its silent again and spins really long, so I just thought nevermind and kept on playing. But now it got even louder and the bearing doesn’t even really spin anymore, when i try to spin it with my finger it doesn’t keep on spinning, it’s not smooth but all rough and when i move over it with my finger so it spins it feels like it was getting stuck on some tiny things for a few miliseconds.

I’m worried because I read if you ding the yoyo on someting hard that the bearing may break or something and I did actually hit the plastic hull of my tv on the top with my yoyo (don’t judge me :/) maybe 10-15 minutes before it started getting loud.

Or am I lucky and just need to apply some thin lube? I never had yoyo lube I always thought I’d need some maybe if i played with my Legacy for a month. I also don’t quite understand, to you just pour tiny drops on top of the bearing or do you have to insert it somewhere special? Couldn’t really make that out from André’s video because can’t see much.

YoYoJam bearings will do that. It just needs a little bit of oil in the bearing. The oil should be put either in the bearing or on the shields, the flat part metal disks on the sides of the bearing.

You most likely didn’t break the bearing by hitting the yoyo on something. Bearings are pretty tough. I’m not the strongest person ever, but I’m decently strong and I don’t think I would be able to break one with a pair of pliers if I tried.

It happened to me too!

I hit it hard… But its cool, bearings are tough!

Just put lube on it.

Thanks guys! I was already worried

if it doesnt work spin the bearing with lube that s what i did

The first thing I would do is lube it. To do so, you place a needle point’s worth of lube on one of the balls in the bearing or you can put a small drop through the side with the shield on (sides covering the balls in the bearing) and spin it. The second way may make it responsive temporarily (a few days to a week depending on how long you yo). If that doesn’t work, you need to clean it.

So just a quick question. What would be a good kind of oil to put in the bearing that I could get at maybe some big store or something, because my Speeder was really quiet at first, and now it’s really loud. Also, one drop of oil on the shield per side or just on one side then spin?

Gun lube, fishing reel lube, 3-in-1, or those little pocket sized tubes of synthetic oil that look like a pocket pen. Most any hardware store carries these.

If you have mineral spirit available it may be worth cleaning the bearing as well before you lube it. Check the forums for info about washing bearings. You’ll probably have to de-shield the bearing to lube it so there’s no great loss in doing this.

As folk said, gun lube, trumpet valve oil, sewing machine oil, fishing reel oil etc. Just a tiny ammount.

Noise in a bearing isn’t always bad. if it plays well and long it may just be a loud bearing. If it plays badly and spins short, it may need maintenance.

If the bearing is already de-shielded, deffinitely wash it in mineral spirit or some solvent. It may have gotten some worn thread or other material in it. That’ll make it play terribly. Usually that’s not a problem for a sealed bearing, but can happen.

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