Help yoyo bearing not spinning like it used to

A couple of days ago I got a yyf dv888, the bearing would spin about 10 seconds if i pushed it with my finger, but now it only goes a couple of seconds like that. It now sound really loud also, was my yoyo shipped with no lube in it! Is there any way to fix it or is the bearing dead?

Sounds like you need to clean your bearing

wildcat is right, clean your bearing. other things to try are Practicing your throw. also lube tends to slow down the bearing slightly. only use ONE drop of THIN lube AFTER you clean the bearing(if you want unresponsive). thatll take care of the screeching.

you bearing is just breaking in. clean it, then just keep playing it. it will get better.

Thanks, I assumed it was to clean it but it smelled like it was burning, anyways I have some lube coming in the mail already

Great, you have lube on the way.

Clean the bearing first. Lube very sparingly(dip needed in lube, touch to 1-2 balls, spin, repeat once, re-shield, put yoyo back together) and then go have fun.

There’s no sense lubing up a bearing that may have issues, you’re just lubing the junk too. Start with an absolutely clean bearing as a baseline and then work from there.