What's going on with my bearing?

My bearing on my yoyo is making absolutely no sound. Not only that, but when I spin the bearing with my finger, it hardly moves. What should I do?

Did you put oil in it within the past couple of weeks to month? If yes, you probably just over lubed it. Clean it or break it in.

No lube, about a week old. I hit it against the grass while 5A’ing, and it’s been like this since. Sleep times are around like 10 seconds.

Something, such as dirt, could have got in there. I would recommend cleaning it and see if that fixes the problem.

Alright, thanks. I’ll try that.

yah, mrcnja’s right, you should definitely clean your bearing with paint thinner or mineral spirits. :slight_smile:

clean your bearing with thinner and light lube ;D

if that does not work canned air or a strong air pump should do it 8)

I had a problem similar and that is what it took :wink:

good luck :slight_smile: