bearing getting noisy

I got a new superstar, and after a while it started to get loud. Does this mean that the bearing is getting broken in or some dirt got inside it? ???

well if it still works fine, the bearing might just be dry.

Just to be safe, you could clean it and put in one drop of lube and work it in. Should work fine then. :slight_smile:

This is the most common cause. Usually a drop of lube solves the problem. :wink:

Thx! XD

what i do is i soak my bearing in lighter fluid for about 5 mins then i lube it

If you’re gonna clean your bearing, take the time to do it right. While I prefer acetone, mineral spirits is also another suitable solvent(along with lighter fluid).

1: Remove the bearing from the yoyo.

2: Remove the shields from the bearing.

3: Place bearing and solvent into a container that will not be destroyed by the solvent or cleaning agent of your choosing.

4: If it has a lid(the container), close it and shake for like a minute. Let soak for anywhere up to 15 minutes. I find with acetone, 5 minute is enough, while mineral spirits seems to need 15 minutes.

5: Remove bearing from container, place on paper towel or newsprint to drain and dry. Flip after a few minutes.

6: Blow and spin dry. Use compressed air via those office dusters. This helps remove any solid stuff from the bearing. Repeat until dry. You can blow a couple of times, then just spin. Mineral spirits takes a while to spin out dry. Acetone goes pretty fast.

7: Lube if you would like using the needle/pin method.

8: Replace shields(optional, but I recommend it).

9: Place bearing back in yoyo. Re-assemble yoyo.

10: Play.