problem with the bearing on my Dv888

Like the title says I’m having a problem with my bearing on my YYF dv888. It started to make this really loud obnoxious sound when I throw it and also when I hand spin the bearing it only lasts for about a second now. any ideas as to what could have caused this or how I can fix it?

It’s a size C if that matters to anyone and its the standard YYF bearing.


that happened to me on a lot of yyf bearings for some reason. i would say lube it i guess, but that is really a shot in the dark without any scientific evedence that it may help. if you ever find out why this happens please tell me.

oh you should first de-shield it and blow it out with compressed air. there might be some dirt caught in there. and you should also check the bearing seat.

This actually happened to my Genesis bearing about two days ago; I found out that one or more of the balls inside weren’t spinning freely at times. I put in two needle drops of lube and it seemed to fix the problem; however, I have yet to break it in (spin times were reduced a bit because of the lube :frowning: ).

ill try the compressed air and see if that does anything since i dont own any lube :/\


thats what it sounds like and it has become really responsive.
I tried doing the thing with the air compressor and it didn’t work :confused:

should I try cleaning it out with paint thinner and running it dry?

Was it lubed before this happened?

Uh i bought it brand new. and haven’t really done anything to it yet. Ive only had it 3 weeks.

Actually, I would try cleaning it first, and if it stays the same, it’s probably because it needs some thin lube.

well, I feel stupid I did some reading and apparently it just happened because the bearing was fully breaking in :stuck_out_tongue: just threw it for about a half hour and its fine now x.x thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile:

too many threads about bearings… just cause it makes a sound doesnt mean its broke…

Bringing it back up once the problem has been resolved doesn’t make it any better, it just brings this thread back to the top :confused:

Besides, this is what the forum is for, for the yoyo community to help those out who are new/newish to yoyoing and who have questions.

Yeah, maybe he should have searched before posting, but maybe he did and just couldn’t find another thread with the problem he believed he was having.

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