Dv888 wont even spin!!!

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i know there are other topics like this, but they dont seem as extreme as mine.

This morning i was playing with my dv888 and it was great :D, but tonight, i picked it up again, and it was fine at first. But then it started to get really loud and eventually it would spin for about 6 seconds and i could barely bind. Im pretty sure its a problem with my bearing and i need to get some lube. I have handled the bearing a lot, and i was wondering if that could be the problem. Lastly, i heard that trombone or trumpet valve oils would help to lubricate the yoyo. Is this true, or should i just buy some thin lube?

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Trumpet lube will do, but use verrrry small amounts.

There are tonnes of videos on yoyo bearing maintenece, im sure you can find one that will help you out mate! let us know how you go

I would clean the bearing before lubing it, because there is most likely something in there. You can soak it in mineral spirits for a few minutes

Thanks for the help guys. I thought that mineral spirits would hurt the bearing and reduce the life of the bearing. Im just being really careful cause this is my second yoyo and my first metal. I might just buy some lube and try that out. Thanks again!

Mineral spirits won’t hurt the bearing. Clean it, lube it.

Exactly same happened here

Ok, I got my Dv888 a week ago, and the same happened here. I mineral spirited it and threw a drop of lube on and it was fixed. so its ok. Actually its my 1st metal and my 2nd throw as well so you are not alone. If you dont lube it regularly it will reduce life, otherwise you are fine.

I lube my bearings about once every two months. That is all you need to do. No more because then you’ll need to keep cleaning it.

ok, thanks a lot guys! I think i have some mineral spirits in my garage, and im gonna just pick up some yyj thin lube ;D

I would just like to say that I have never lubed a bearing, and I’ve never had one break or lock up… In more than four years

to tell the truth i dont lube. I’m just giving advice

thats what i thought too. I thought lubing just made it smoother but wasnt a neccesity. I guess i was wrong lol.

Considering most of the people saying don’t lube them are kids that don’t know any better. Coming from a guy that was once a metallurgist, Please lube them. Running them dry causes pitting in the ball bearings and the inner and outer race. When you feel a bearing start grinding, you are probably feeling one of the chunks of metal from that pit. With lube you can keep this from happening. Now I know that people say that there is no load on the bearing so there is no chance of this happening. Let me tell you it does happen so whatever they are thinking is wrong. There doesn’t have to be a load on the bearing to cause problems. The rpm that these bearings run are enough to do all the damage it wants to.


yeah, even thought i need to buy a few more things, i defintly learned my lesson, and now i know a little more about yoyo-ing which i gues was kinda my goal.

I don’t claim to be an expert. All I know is before we talked manufacturers into shipping yoyos with dry bearings in them, we didn’t have a dozen “my bearing locked up” posts every day. I’m just sayin’…

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