YYF Dv888

My bro purchased a Dv888 for me a while back. I noticed it began to start getting responsive, so I lubed it with thin lube. It’s still responsive. I think it should be broken in by now. Anyone help?

1- Try to clean the bearing
2- How long have you broken it in for. A few things that help is…
Do a Gyroscopic flop and then test to see if its responsive, if no then its vibe
Unless it EXTREMELY responsive, just keep playing with it and it might eventually break in

Putting any sort of lubricant into the bearing will make it spin slower, which will make it responsive.

Clean the bearing in mineral spirits, lighter fluid, or nail polish remover, spin the bearing on the tip of a pencil to remove any moisture, then either lube the bearing with a needle tip’s worth of lube, or leave it dry.

While lubricant promotes a longer bearing life, adding too much will slow down the spin, leading to responsiveness. If you find yourself lubing it too much, you can play with the yoyo to break it in, or you can clean the bearing and start over again.