DV888 now responsive, very frustrated

I purchased a new DV888 about 2 weeks ago. When I originally started using it is was very loud compared to my Yomega Maverick but I didn’t think anything of it. It was my first DV888 and my first unresponsive yoyo so I thought it is what it is. I now had several hours on the yoyo. Always unresponsive which is what I want. It was time to put a new string on the beast and I thougt while I was doing that, I would put some Yomega lube on the bearing. Now with lube on the bearing and a new string, it is much quiter but also responsive. Very aggervating. Nothing else has changed and I have no idea what to do. What are your guys thoughts?

Well the only change was that you added lube to the bearing. I suggest looking up how to clean your bearing and go get some thinner lube because Yomega lube is some pretty thick stuff

The lube is making it responsive. You can try to play through it, but if you have a fair amount in there and it’s not thin lube, then it could take a long while before it becomes unresponsive.

It seems backwards, but lube generally slows things down. After I clean a bearing, I dip the tip of a straight pin or needle in thin lube, so I get a tiny drop on the end and touch that to a few of the ball bearings. It still slows it slightly on a flick of the bearing, but that soon goes away.

Have fun!

Frankly, in the proper amount there is nothing wrong w/yomega lube as far as making a yoyo responsive. A small amount quiets a bearing and does not make it too responsive. It’s got a bad rap for no reason other than people don’t know how to use it…

Sorry for the wrong information. I just implied that since Yomega ships it with their loopers I thought it would be thicker

Did the string accidentally wrap around the bearing a second time or get a knot near the bearing?
That would make it responsive.