OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going INSANE i have a DM that was once unresponsive, now it’s very responsive
NOW MY DV888 IS RESPONSIVE TO what should i do?

Dude relax.

Just use a thin lube…

Happy Throwing! =]

if you watch Andre’s video on lube, he said that thin lube only breaks down thick lube so if your to use thin lube on a clean bearing it will make it even more responsive :-\

so im still OH MY GOSH!!!

Starscreem88 is right.

Just put in some thin lube, and play with it a lot. It will get unresponsive after a short while. Disregard what André said.

I’ve had the same problem before too. After you put in the lube, throw some hard sleepers for about 10 minues and it should be fine.

You can just sit there and throw sleepers, but what fun with that? Play with the lube and just learn playing somewhat responsive. It really makes you much smoother.

Also, please stop making spam-y topic titles, especially when they have nothing to do with the thread. “My DM and DV888 are responsive. Please help” would have been great.


I would listen to Ape and Samad and Starscream. They have been there and back and know what they are talking about.

While true, if you use thin lube on a locked up bearing it will make it spin again and therefore less responsive.

If the bearing is locked up, how would the lube get anywhere? Just curious…

  1. If it already has lube that is making it responsive, clean the bearing.

  2. Apply thin lube. One Drop.

If you recently applied silicone to those yoyos, scour them with a toothpick. It happens to me quite often.

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I read the first part and I had no idea…

I have no problem with responsive play, but if your yoyo suddenly becomes responsive out of nowhere, chances are you are loosing some spin time, as well as possible unusualties (is that a word?) somewhere in the mechanics of his yoyo.

If he wants it unresponsive, it’s perfectly fine.