i need help with my yo yo again

I got the atmosphere and the dark magic. Today I decided to lube the bearing on them both. After doing that I started throwing them trying to do trick I notice that both of them are responsive well not a lot. What should I do to it to make it more unresponsive.

just play with it and let the lube dry a bit

Yeah. Just play and let it break int. Then it will hit your sweet spot.

You probably used Thick lube. Which makes it responsive. You should of used the Thin lube. If you put on the Thin lube now, on it won’t help because of the Thick lube. What you need to do is clean the bearing with lighter fluid. Just put it in a jar with lighter fluid, shake the bearing around for about 15 seconds. When you are done, apply some Thin lube. Then it will be unresponsive. Hope this helped.

actually, thin lube breaks down thick lube so it will help. when a bearing is clean though, and then thin lube is added, it will work as thick lube to a lesser extent. everyone else was right though. i think you used thin lube and just need to break it in. i usually find that a few straight minutes of spinning does the trick

You will have to let the lube fully break in. This could take up to 3 hours of play. If it doesn’t break in by then, you used the wrong lube.

ok, maybe a little more than a few throws… time flies though