Why did thin lube make my yoyo more responsive?

I have a One Drop Code 2 and it got kinda loud so I put some thin lube in it, and then it got responsive so if I gave it a small tug, it popped back to my hand, how do I fix this?


Might be the nut throwin it! I’m just playin’. Don’t git yer yoyo in a knot. I kinda had this same problem and mine resulted in a few problems leading to one. My string thickness was to big and didn’t help the fact that I had dirt inside my 10 ball. I used mineral spirits on it after I removed the sides and gave it a good cleaning. Put it back in and it was still responsive. Cleaned it again and left it dry. That worked for a while and then got responsive again. it was actually the sheilds on the bearings. When I took them off, I bent them just bearely. you wouldn’t even notice it with a naked eye. This caused them to rub. Left them off and it worked again. With or without lube. I prefer without but thats just me. You also might want to check that one or both responses are not loose as well. Didn’t happen to me but I have heard of them not glued so well. Don’t know if its true but couldn’t hurt to push them down anyways.

Let me know if this helps.

Probably just have to break the bearing in.

Because lube, no matter its viscosity, is still lube.
Keep playing with it and let it break in.

That’s normal. Keep playing it, it will break in and you’ll be good. You should add half as much lube as you think you need, so no more than a half a drop on a shielded bearing. Under-lube, you can always add more. If you over-lube, it can be best to clean the bearing completely dry and start over.

A lot of noise from the bearing is usually indicative of a dirty bearing. Dust, grit, string remnants, etc. can work their way into the gap between the bearing inner race and the bearing shield. Once inside the bearing, the these particles can cause a number of the balls to stop rolling, and skid (get dragged) as the yoyo spins. The sticking/skidding behavior of the balls is what causes the increase in bearing noise. Adding lube to an already noisy bearing may or may not dislodge the particulates, so it’s best to thoroughly clean and dry the bearing, then lightly lube (if you use lube) to eliminate the problem.


could it be the string? I am using the bulk yoyo 50/50 string… not the best, but it’s all i have right now.

Also, on just a small tug, it comes rushing back to my hands. As a result, I can’t do grinds, or anything whippy. Out of the box, it was perfect, and then when I lubed it, it got worse! Help! Please!

Thin lube will normally cause your bearing to be spinning responsive for a bit. Its normal, and it will usually take a few hours or so of play to break it in as others have said. I find doing trick where you have maximum bearing with yoyo friction achieve to break the bearing in faster, such would be gyro flop tricks.

Try doing many of these, and you should find soon that the bearing will be unresponse again.


I have been playing with my yoyo for the past hour and it is still responsive! What do I do? Should I just give it more time to break in?

How much thin lube did you put in it? It takes very very little. You could try cleaning the bearing or better yet, just ship it to me. I could show it the love it needs and make it feek right at home. ;D

In fact, I think that might be the best thing I can do for the community, provide a place to send all those disrespectful, defiant yoyos and their dirty little bearings. :smiley:

I think I put way too much lube. Should I just continue to play with it, and if it doesn’t make a difference, just clean the bearing?


The more lube you put in it the longer it will take to return to being unresponsive. If you’re patient just play it, if you are the impatient type, clean it then take and just coat one bearing with the thin lube then spin it. You can use a needle and just let a very small ammount run down the needle and apply it to one ball in the bearing or even wet a toothpick and just rub it on a ball in the bearing. Then remember to send it my way! :wink:

Oh btw, nothing wrong with using 50/50 bulk string at all.

What kind of lube? The stock 10 ball plays well dry. If you liked how it played out of the box I’d say just clean it and not add lube.

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doesn’t that grind the bearing? should I just clean the one I have, or get a new one altogether?

The one you have is fine. You just have to decide what you want to do with it. You can run it dry but it will wear the bearing. That doesn’t mean that it still wont last a very long time, like years. Just decide what you want to do, clean it or play it, lube it or run it dry.

Let it break in and be careful on how much you add to the bearing. I use a toothpick and just a very small drop. Best practice is to use just enough lube to protect the bearing. No matter what you do though liquid lube is going to cause some slight drag on the bearing.

I’m going to clean it, then keep it dry, because it seems like lubing is the source of my problems. Also, I’m going to leave my bearings deshielded and see if that helps. After cleaning, should you wait for the bearing to dry?


After you have it cleaned place it on the end of a pencil and use a can of compressed air and blow it out until it is dry. Wear some eye protections so junk doesn’t get into your eyes. Safety first boys and girls!

That’s pretty much how I play all my bearings. You run the risk of burning them out faster this way but honestly lube causes drag and I want the maximum spin time I can get for long maneuvers. I just keep a bunch of spare bearings on hand.

Is the compressed air idea good?