Thin Lube made my yo-yo more responsive....

I have a big problem right now…ive put some thin lube on my speed bearing…and it spin slower, and i dont always need to do a bind they get it back, if i do a big tug, it will get back to my hand…the thin lube was supposed to make it go faster no?? and les responsive?

All oil, whether thick or thin, will make a bearing more responsive when added in large quantities. Just let it break in and it will be back to playing unresponsive.

ok so i need to play a lot with it?

whats the use of the thick lube then? i tried some thick lube and it goes away after a little bit of play?

Thick lube is more for brain type yoyo’s and loopers.

You may have just put too much thin lube in the bearing.

All the advise and my experience agrees with what Icthus said.

Regarding thing thin lube:
Unless you’re also using it to break down thick lube, you’ll only need a drop. If you’re using thin lube to break down thick lube, you might need two drops. I do find my unresponsive yoyo gets a bit more responsive for a bit after I lube it, but that goes away after a little bit through usage. Yes, it’s like you have to break in the bearing again.

In regards to thick lube: For me, a drop went a long ways. But, I don’t use it anymore until I get some loopers. I’m planning a pair of Unleasheds, one white, and one blue(I intend to swap halves). But when I used on my DM2’s responsive bearing, man, it got SUPER responsive. Not to say I didn’t like super responsive play, but it was necessary for learning and experience.

If you really got a bunch of lube in there, you might want to learn how to clean as bearing. It may be faster.

If you are going with the breaking in method, works perfectly fine, and a tip is to use Gyro Flops. I kept doing Gyro Flops with a correctly thin lubed bearing, and within 20 Flops, it broke in. Gyro Flops pull the bearing, making the balls run down the lube.

you might have done what my friend david did where instead of just putting a drop in the bearing he squirted a bunch all over the bearing.

Just soak it in lighter fluid for a bit and spin it dry. Add A DROP of thin lube and throw. Problem solved good sirs :slight_smile:

Ehhh…that would work too, with a longer break in time. Wasn’t the proper way now is to put a drop of lube straight from the nozzle onto a needle or pin. The needle/pin minimizes the drop to a needle head size. Dip the tiny drop of lube onto one of the balls, flick it around a couple times,Plug and Play.