Yoyo lube?

Could I put thick yoyo lube on my unresponsive yoyo? Would it make it a little responsive? Would thin lube just make it more unresponsive?

Thick lube is for responsive yoyos, and thin lube is for unresponsive yoyos. That being said, thin lube will still make it more responsive until it gets broken in. Make sure to only apply a pindrop of thin lube, but tbh lube isn’t necessary but can be used to make a bearing last longer. Most people will agree that they actually play best dry.

I’m pretty sure that this thread should be in the Looking for Help/Recommendations but idk. Even a drop of thin lube can make an unresponsive yoyo responsive so thick lube definitely. If you do want lube in your bearing than thin lube is your best bet and you really only need a pin drop of it (literally)

Hope that helped

Do yourself a favor, Alex. Go to the top of the page… Click on the Learn section. Then from the drop down Menu; click on Maintenance. Then from that Menu; go to the bottom and click on Lubing yoyos.

There is a Whole page of information about various aspects/applications/purposes of thick and thin lubes.

It seems many people on this Forum, completely ‘overlook’ the extensive free and useful information that YYE provides in the Learn section.

Several people already attempted to steer you in the correct direction in another of your several threads concerning: binds, response pads and Yoyo lube.

Absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions. We All take turns needing advice/information/opinions about something or other.

The problem here seems to be your reluctance to actually apply some of the advice you have been given.

You NEED to focus more on learning how to Bind. And as I already suggested; go to YouTube and type in binding yoyos and just click on the search option. There are plenty of videos on various binding techniques.

You are a beginner. We were All beginners at one time. Nobody starts Karate as a Blackbelt.

The fastest ‘road to happiness’ in your circumstance; is to learn how to Bind.

Lube is a very poor substitute for getting a Yoyo to come back for 1A tricks.

Lube may get your Yoyo to be more responsive but will also kill some of your Yoyo spin time.

Learning to Bind will allow to have longer spin times and yet you will be able to get your Yoyo to come back.

I also already suggested you go to the learn section and click on ’ intermediate’ then click on ‘Binding yoyos’.

Superb information from a Master of Binding.

You need to slow down on the questions and speed up on the suggestions we are giving you.

I’ve been at this for almost 17 years now. I would not kid you.

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thank you very much for the help and your right, last night I was practicing my binds for an hour and a half and could tell there’s really nothing wrong just starting out its overwhelming with all the pads and different repose systems and what not. Thankd for the help

I think you’re focusing way too much on bearings, response and lube. You really need to just work on your technique and worry less about the equipment, because that’s where all the improvement will be. Changing and cleaning your bearing may get you an extra 30s of sleep time, but working on a good strong throw can get you a much longer and more stable spin.

When I started out, I just opened the package and played with my yoyo as is. Trust me, the limitations you are experiencing right now aren’t due to the yoyo. Just stop messing with it and practice, you’ll pick it up faster that way

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Nope, Mods & Maintenance. Looking for Help/Recommendations is for advice on what yoyo to buy: