what happen?

I add a thin lube to my bearing…
and when I play with it it become responsive and quite…

is it normal??
or I did something wrong with my bearing?

thin lube provide a little response and protect the yo-yo from spoil …try, de shield and play

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That’s what it’s supposed to do.

lube is lube. anytime you introduce ‘goo’ to a bearing, the bearing will slow down to an extent.
thin lube will cause it to do so less than thick lube, but you can’t put ‘schmutz’ in your bearing and expect it to run faster and/or louder than it did previously. keep playing it, and it’ll almost certainly be fine.

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You may have put too much thin lube in he bearing. It’s trial and error to get the right amount!

In this case you can just play, play, play with the yo-yo and it will become unresponsive again.

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