Dv888 Responsive Suddenly

Hey guys,

I tried doing a jump trick but I messed up and stepped on my yo-yo a little. I went home and there was a slight vibe but it was still unresponsive. I put some lube on the bearing and there was little to no vibe but my yo-yo is responsive suddenly. Tug responsive but I find it annoying. What’s the issue?

I would think that the lube made that happen. Even thin lube can make it responsive if you put enough.

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just play with it for a while and it will be unresponsive again

Your lube has to break in to the bearing

Never had this response lube problem with my Legacy before. Thiugh the lube made it a little bit more responsive but it broke in after 30 mins. of play. I’ve been playing the dv888 a lot since then but it’s only gotten a bit better.